Was there recently a survey for msfs2020?

I stumbled upon something on Reddit that suggested there had been a fairly detailed survey pushed recently regarding sim features etc?

Don’t recall seeing that. Was not for PC or?

Navigraph annually does an extensive survey across all sims. It was last publishes 2021-01-11.

Blog post:

Full results (PDF):

I’m thinking we should start seeing something from Navigraph soon about the 2021 survey.

Microsoft sent a survey out to some users. It is the 2nd time I have received it. The first time I got it I filled it out but when I finished it said they had received the maximum amount of responses needed. The 2nd one I didn’t bother. I’m not going to waste my time clicking on a link to fill out a survey if its just going to tell me they don’t value my input any longer.


I got a survey, I think, but it’s been a while and I’ve slept since then.

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So it was sent to PC users also? But only selected users?

Yes select PC users

23,500 users selected for the Navigraph Flight Sim in 2020 with 190 questions! Pretty thorough.

And the questions seemed basically generic and not focused on issues with anyone of the flight sim platforms.

Some interesting statistics from those surveyed :

While interesting this is not the survey that has been referred to.

The one I had heard about was sent by Microsoft to Xbox users. It apparently also was sent to selected PC users also.

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