Washed out colors in vR since SU5 - only within the plane

The extreme brightness at daylight makes VR almost unusable. The sky is bright white,the clouds white contourless undefined bobbles and the ground is sometimes nearly invisible, because everything is flooded with blinding brightness. On ground it is very bright, but ok so far. But at only 2000ft or higher everything gets nearly completely washed out for me in my Pimax 8kx. This is since SU5. Before VR always was very bright, but managable.

So I found, that the only way to fly on day in VR right now, would be, to fly with the TBM with the impovement mod installed and the sun visors pulled down. Looking through the visors of course make the view tinted, but the colors and contrast returns. I can see single clouds and the ground somwhow.

By accident I set my viewpoint over the TBM and looked around. Now everything looked fine. The sky was blue, clouds could be seen normal and it looked like I knew it from SU4. A few arrow down presses later I was back in the cockpit, and looking through the windows gave me the blinding brightness without contrast again. Jumped over the plane again and all looked well. Back to cockpit and all looked overexposed again. So it has something to do with the windows.

Please ASOBO, I do not like to fly with outside camera, so please resolve this problem ASAP. It nearly renders VR useless. Thx!

I noticed something funny with ambient occlusion on ultra and render resolution making stuff too bright. Play with those 2 settings and see what happens

Thx for your input. But changing these settings does not change anything for me.

But I found out, that when using reshade for changing brightness, contrast and saturation, it only has effect on everything within the cockpit. The outside world is not affected by that changes. And this kind of “lock” seems to be the reason, why no setting I change either ingame, or in Userconfig or somehow else has any kind of effect, let alone in VR.

Iv voted on this as the colors when in VR looking out of the window do seem really washed out
I dont mess around with Config files id rather wait for the Devs to sort it

Im using Quest 2 with offical link cable

Same issue here.

still an issue after latest update.

I’ve actually abandoned flying in the day because of it. I can’t wait for it to be fixed. In the meantime, I’m racking up night hours.

same here… HP G2

Disappointing how things have gone from utopia to worse in VR. The bright sky and lesser detailed landscape is a sad case. Have decided to play other non-sim games until proper updates are set.

Yes, I have this issue with washed out colours too. I thought it was my Reverb but it is much better in other games.