Washed out graphics post SU5

This overexposure thing made me sick, my eyes watering and wanna throw up after a 30 minutes fly after SU5, literally. Are they gonna fix it or not?

I totally disagree. HDR is not well implemented in the sim – way too overexposed, there’s no settings to calibrate HDR, like there are in several other titles, and SU5 overexposure has indeed made it worse, in my opinion. I too have an HDR 1000 nit 144hz 4k display.

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look at the airport in the picture and the area above the airport, then compare the 2 pictures from SU4 and SU5. SU5 looks absolutely horrible

You may need to calibrate your display, it’s not overexposed for me.

Not all HDR is the same. For example this game only really supports HDR10 properly and has never been optimal with HDR400 screens.

Let alone in VR where you can’t calibrate any display at all.

I don’t believe I have a solve for this question, but related to it, here are 2 topics about this you might want to check out to see if you agree with:

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Not everyone has an HDR display - I have a good 4k monitor which doesn’t and the game looks like a cartoon.

To be clear there are multiple issues:

  1. Amended rendering and shading with no in-title colour management possible. The game looks like a cartoon now.
  2. Texture pop-in due to dynamic unloading - this is awful with track IR because the constant viewpoint changes mean constant appearing/disappearing objects
  3. Alleged inability to retain Ultra settings between sessions - I will check this in a minute - on a VFR flight in an H135 in London, buildings looked like they had been bombed and cranes looked like alien relics. This was not the case in SU4.

One thing that irritates is that all these downgrades from the previous PC experience were demonstrably due soley to enable the title to run on the Xbox. The impression given in the pre SU5 developer Q&A streams was that PC performance was achieved by massive reduction in memory usage and implementing multi-threading.

The argument could be “well we did reduce memory usage”… yeah, by giving me a much uglier and far less immersive experience.

The shading, I can only assume is to cater for the majority of XBOX users who will have an HDR tv to run on. (I do too and will switch screens around to see what difference it makes but that TV is way too large to sit 18 inches away from with my stick, throttles, pedals etc).

LET ME BE CLEAR - I fully understand and support the desire and NEED for MS to support XBOX as a platform - all this development and server operation needs to be paid for. Even in it’s current state I will play it when I get a series X as a mindless diversion in game mode. What has disappointed me is that (I feel) the PC community who supported the product enough to get the next phase green-lit by the bean-counters have been thrown under a bus with SU5.

I’m not even mentioning the broken weather, broken 3rd party mods and frequent CTDs - those I all kind of expect in a major FS2020 release and have reasonable expectations that they will be addressed in a reasonable timescale. The other stuff however I am not hopeful and my evangelism for the product and team is currently in a hold until there’s a reason to exit.

One final thought - my investment in 3rd party addons will not happen while the product is as it is. I’ll also be watching X-Plane to see what the new version brings and at some point make a decision about my strategy forwards.

Please MS / Asobo - give me back what I had - it was awesome.


I just finished flying VR for several hours. I run HWinfo64 in PC and it gives me any stats I want or need. It used to show 73% MAX video RAM used (I have a 3090) and it used to show max RAM used somewhere above 32 gigs (I have 64 gigs of RAM)
After SU5 my Max VRAM usage dropped to 66.7 % and my RAM usage dropped to a little over 17 gigs.
No page file was used.
To me this is evidence that they tuned down on the graphics to make the Sim more playable on Xbox.
When selling MSFS they said the requirements were 16 Gigs of RAM but recommended 32 Gigs. I bet you that is going to change so they can sell it to more people.

I love the fps increase I got but not at the price…


My display is calibrated correctly. How do you not see overexposure? Just look on a sunny day from the cockpit.

I can’t keep away from this sim as it still has so much potential. But, the more I fly the more the washed out lighting implementation in SU5 annoys me. It just doesn’t look anywhere near as good as it did!


I vastly reduced overexposure in vr by changing colorgrading from 1 to 0 in userConfig.cfg

I have done that and adjusted both brightness and vibrancy using nvidia filters to make improvements in the overall cartoon type effect. That has not addressed the contrasts in the cockpit and dark clouds. I don’t want to have to play around in external utilities and config files to regain the experience I had last month. Tired of this.

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Another little feature… look at the halo of light around the cargo door and lack of detail in the wing which is washed out


Well, I am done buying stuff for the Sim, including 3rd party items. Lets see how quickly those guys that can only afford an Xbox and a few games, much less Flight Gear, they dump the Sim. After they get their little taste of it, they will find it boring and move on.

I understand, and believe me, I tried all the tricks already and NOTHING will change they way things work and look right now, and when I re-watched the interview of Asobo Prog director yesterday, when they asked him about about how they managed to get the FPS so high on the PC and he started laughing and laughing, NEVER LOOKING INTO THE CAMERA, yuck!..I certainly wouldn’t buy a used car from a guy like him.

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Did you reduce gamma using the nVidia Control Panel? I found that changing it from 1.0 to 0.7 considerably improved the overexposure issue.

Much too over exposed and bright, in certain lighting conditions the graphics look cartoon like. We need the option to adjust colour saturation and exposure!

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Definitely lesser contrast, more washed out look, if not a tad overexposed. I think all these are for the sake of Xbox users.

We’ve all experienced hazy days — but not EVERY day.

Washed out graphics are being addressed: