WASM for Xbox SU12

They could, but then the team is dependent on Microsoft’s broader Xbox timeline, which the MSFS team has determined will take much longer than their workaround solution.

Plus they would likely need to let all other dev groups check there own titles to see in kill’s something like Elder Scrolls online or something

To be honest even though WASM is something we all want it is at the bottom of the list for me. The SU11 problems are huge on xbox what with the LOD bug and many others. I would be happy for them to just fix the game to a decent level before adding complexity and creating more problems.


LOD is fixed already in house. We should see it soon either in beta or an official update.

Sadly, they just didn’t find the source of the issue until a couple days after SU11 releases, and they tend to patch every couple of months. Hence the wait.

WASM is an entirely different issue with an entirely different team working on it.

I thought the fix was next year for LOD.

Likely January for a full official release. It might be available in beta before, and they say it is already fixed on their end.

Ok folks, let’s get back on topic about WASM and not about when the visual downgrade fix will be released. Thank you.

Yes I thought so thanks for the clarification.

LOD? What does this stand for?

LOD refers to level of detail