WASM standalone Module causing CTD on launch after World Update 4 patch

Brilliant thinking “outside the box” :slight_smile:

If Asobo has not released a Hot-Fix by this weekend, it now looks like I may be able to fly selected planes with your fix !!

Thank you

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I really hope so much they release that hotfix before the weekend, it would be so frustrating not to be able to fly through the whole weekend where we finally find some time for our hobby. I also use spad. Next for my home cockpit and pretty much nothing but the Saitek Logitech panels are working without the spad wasm module… Please asobo, don’t let us down. It’s all We got (well I’ve spend a sh** ton of money on it too lmao)

I can confirm that this is working also with Spad.next and A320nx.
This is brilliant. Ty

IMPORTANT N.B.: you need to RESTART spad.next everytime you start a flight, when you get in the cockpit the first time.


Now this is some good news, again users are faster and more professional than ms/asobo. I will try it out when I get home from work.

In my case i had Dev mode on as i usually have that on so i can so i can see the frame counter. I turned off dev mode then restarted MFS and reinstalled the aircraft that were causing the CTD one at a time and now everything works fine.

Of course it does. But that has nothing to do with the wasm module incompatibility or how you wanna call it

It works for the Carenado Mooney M20R perfectly! Thanks for this workaround. This community has such a broad base of clever people :slight_smile: Back in business before the weekend! :partying_face:

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…so according to the change note:
‘Web Assembly: Fixed execute_calculator_code proxy and added more security to it’ … did you essentially bypass what according them is ummm ‘more security’?

If anybody gets it working for the CRJ as well, please let me know, as I’m struggling with that one.

My hunch is that standalone modules were not intentionally disabled because of ‘more security’, rather that there is a bug which causes CTD when trying to load the module. There might be other security concerns around execute calculator code which we are not yet exposed to, but Asobo have seen it.
It would be possible, I think, to implement these kind of modules as a proer gauge - what the hack does is it tells MSFS it is a gauge, MSFS recognizes it is not really one, but loads it anyway - so I’d say it is another bug that allows this to work :wink: Anyway I hope this workaround would be needed only for a short while.


Calls for a HotFix have been heard…

Actually, I don’t think this is a ridiculous query at all. I myself would very much like to know the same thing, so that I can make the decision of moving my investments towards another sim or hang on for this one to be a sim rather than just an xbox game. I currently have only purchased two addons for MSFS…and it will stay that way until I find evidence that Asobo actually has serious flight simmers in mind.
Regarding bugs, I understand they happen…and I also believe Asosbo is working on a fix. The sad part about this bug…is that they forced it on the community. We had no choice whatsoever…barring not using the sim. This part I do not like …and if this is the way it’s going to be from now until the end of the sim life…forget it…as I don’t think we’ll be able to find any security in forced updates.


Same story here…I’m about to spend a budget for building a descent sim and I was ready to by several RealSim Gear devices that are advertised as compatible with MSFS. But I’m now reconsidering buying other products and choosing another more reliable sim than MSFS2020…

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in dev mode, I just got the message “sdk update available”

When it works it worth it for sure! It’s all about immersion.

The question is when, as you said. I don’t want to spend my money in something unreliable.

It would be lovely to be able to wait before installing an update, but it seems that when you try to start the old version, instead of starting it pops up an alert telling you to use the Windows Store t download the latest version.
Windows allows the choice of deferring updates. Why can’t msfs do something similar?

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The simulator is an extremely complex piece of software and is less than a year old. It’s doing amazingly well, even with the shortcomings. I complain here too, but the reality is 2020 is in an amazing place right now, and this time next year it will be the defacto standard.

2020 is the future. Might as well invest in it or play catch-up later. Also the RSG stuff works with XP11 so… not really any reason to avoid it.

We complain because we care. It sounds cheesy, but broadly speaking it’s also the truth.

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