WASM standalone Module causing CTD on launch after World Update 4 patch

Not sure if anyones replied to you Dave, I couldn’t see one. Basically the wasm modules allow access to the commands with in the sim from an external piece of software that could be programmed and controlled by an external device.
So in my case I’m building the overhead panel of the A320 and each button,knob,light etc in the sim has a line of code which makes it operate, I’ll assign that code/command,(Known as a variable, there are different types of variable as well, Kvars,HVars,Lvars etc etc some are accessible without the WASM) in the external software to a button or switch I have chosen to do the job and with any luck, when you switch, turn or press what’ve assigned it will trigger that event in the sim without having to move your mouse or press the keyboard.

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Alpha testing was novelty, nice piece of marketing move back a year ago. Now this beta testing prove to be the exact same thing. ‘We love to hear your ideas, but don’t get discouraged if we ignore almost all of it. Even the ones, that do not take any effort to fix/implement. You are here for publicity only. We have a long fixed plan and schedule for releasing features. As long as we keep our timeline, nothing else matters.’

The reasoning for WASM changes were told to be security concerns. Then they should have designed the SDK and core simconnect connectivity properly before the release. If they appreciated feedback and comments of alpha testers back then and did that, there wouldn’t be a need for community/3rd party fixes at all.

I would love to hear an honest response from Asobo for once. Just tell me this is meant to be a casual flight game using XBOX controller and mouse. There is no place for home cockpits or advanced peripherals. And I’ll make my peace, thank for the effort and move on.

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I honestly don’t think they do any testing beyond using an XBOX controller or the simple little joystick Seb showed off 2 Q&As ago.


That exactly. They need people that has the hardware as beta tester

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I don’t disagree, but if they don’t listen to the tester feedback, it makes no difference and the testers’ time is just wasted.

I know NOTHING about WASM except as a user of a 3rd party add-on. It looks like there is only one WASM exe. I’m wondering if I had a previous version available from one of my backups, if it could be used temporarily until a permanent fix is released. Might work as long as no other code is dependent on the “security fix”.

Sample code with the SDK doesn’t work either, apparently.

Same. And quite frankly, I don’t even care to know. If I buy a car, I don’t have to know how every part of the engine and electronics systems work. I just have to know how to operate it, refuel it, and do the basic maintenance I need to do. Same with WASM. I just need to know I need Module X to operate External Device Y and how to connect them together.

Nothing apparent about it. The sample WASM module doesn’t work. Causes a CTD on load. That’s why 3rd party providers of these modules can’t do anything to fix their wares. There’s no way to fix this other than Asobo fixing what they broke in the core sim.

I suspect enough of a stink has been raised that we’ll hear a statement about it in today’s dev update. ALthough I’d be surprised to see a fix rolled out in the short term since this doesn’t affect enough users for it to be worth their time.

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First Asobo lets someone else (MobiFlight) do their job, then they block the module that someone else did for them…frustrating as always, hope they fix it soon and even better if integrate it as part of msfs2020

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Fingers crossed for some official acknowledgement and timeline for a hotfix in tonight’s weekly dev update :crossed_fingers:

Stop being utterly ridiculous, wow

Asobo acknowledged this issue elsewhere, the same day as the patch was released, and said they are actively working on it.

chill out, Panda. There is no timeline for a fix as yet. An update on progress to set everyone’s expectations as part of the weekly dev update isn’t too much to ask for, eh? :man_shrugging:

I was responding to this guy who was being absolutely ridiculous.

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Since the last world update all of my third party aircraft are causing an instant CTD when i select them for flight. I have emptied my COMMUNITY folder before doing the update then added the third party aircraft after. The following are what i own and all of them CTD the sim.

Just Flight Arrow

Milviz Corsair

All Carenado for MSFS

Even the FBW A32NX causes an instant CTD when selected.
Everything was fine until i did the world update.
Just Flight have released version 0.4.0a of the Arrow but that still CTD’s

I am at a total loss.

Try the search function :wink:

Though it is unrelated to this thread, my JF Arrow III works A-OK

Fair play, apologies - I’ll blame the formatting of posts/replies on this forum! :wink::+1:t3:

That’s not entirely true. AAO is working again due to workaround the dev made until we get back to normal with Asobo’s fix. It’s not ideal but works 100%.

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please check if when you open the fs2020 the developer mode is enabled? if yes delete the comunity folder and reopen the fs2020 and turn off the developer mode. I was having this same problem with scenarios and planes, and I realized that when you start the fs2020 with the dev.mod turned on, the simulator crashes at startup

Good to hear someone found a way to work around this. Unfortunately, I don’t use AAO. Hopefully either Asobo fix their ■■■■ ASAP or Mobiflight can also find a workaround.