Watch this before purchasing captainsim 777

The 777 now has a salty compatibility mod.

So it’s a good and bad thing at the same time.

Good because it may now be worth it to buy since you’ll get decent systems with the Salty mod.

Bad because it will boost sales of Captain Sim

Do the rivets look good when zooming at 1200x magnification?

As soon as it comes to marketplace, i will buy it.

Well it’s not bad if people get what they expect. There’s certainly a target group which might be happy with it and why shouldn’t there be products for them at lower price than fully simulated and accurate aircraft addons?

What’s really important on all of this is whether the product description correctly and clearly states what this addon is and what it’s not.
And while this is not really obvious on their website (which is close to be misleading), I expect Microsoft to ensure that the product description on the marketplace for this product to be clear.
Judging from the 737 MAX fiasco, I doubt that and that is where the goodwill for a separate target group ends since it affects people looking for realism as well without any option to refund.

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