Water appears tiled

Hey guys! So the next update is here but the water still looks really not like we run a sim of 2021. The pattern still looks like it should look cheap and super unrealistic especially when flying with low altitude and calm winds. Am I the only one who gets annoyed so hard because of this 90’s Video game appearance of the water?

I tried everything to make it look better but even in the loading screens of flight simulator you can see what I mean (landing challenge at Düne, Helgoland for example). The water waves are just a lot of tiles that are synchronized to each other. The waves in each tile make the exact same movement. That is also the reason why the reflection of the clouds look so blurry or just… not really good at all. I know I complain on a high level but the water looked awesome in the past. So please asobo!!! Upgrade the water by downgrade your settings of the water appearance or tell us how to get the good old water back!!!

Windows 10 x64
I7 8700k
RTX 2080

Tried to empty the community folder, reinstalled etc. Tried everything. But now where I cann see the issue even on the loading screen… its an xbox Thing for sure…


Look at the water in the banner image at the top of this forum. I think the ocean water should look similar to that, by default, without having to adjust the wind.

True. it looks bad and obviously tiled when calm and looked much better in Alpha but it looks good low if you turn wind up 16mph+.
Of course it should look great in all conditions and at all heights.

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this was the doing of the SU6 and maybe even before that. but as it seems, Asobo couldn’t care less

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Just hope they’ll find a way to make the sim look better again for the high-end PC users. Kind of sad because the graphics just have been the thing that catched and impressed so many of us. I just recognize even more fails after SU6. Still an amazing sim but it starts to become looking really cheap in a way. The bigger the content grows the bigger the downgrades.

Sometimes less is more…

It was gorgeous back when the game launched in 2020. Unfortunately it was one of the first things downgraded and has stayed that way ever since. So definitely intentional.