Water conflict

Hi all,
I am building a 3D harbor photoscenery, by using “GoogleEarthDecoder” with LOD 18,19 & 20.
Due to the bad quality of the water in the downloaded Google tiles, I would like to keep the MSFS water.
Luckily, at high LOD levels - that is from near - it happens.
But, at lower LOD level - that is from far - the “underlying” water tries to emerge. The result is a very annoying flashing of the two “fighters”.

How to avoid this? I tried to cover the area with ocean water poligon (terraform menù), but its appearance is very different than the surrounding MSFS water.
Is there a way, maybe by poligon, to disable part of the downloaded tiles?

Thank in advance for your support

You would have to edit the 3d models yourself, removing all the polygons that are in the water.

Thanks anyway

Can you overwrite the ugly areas with a high priority polygon, exlude all but water (ocean) ?

I have succeeded to edit some ugly tiles by Blender, but the MSFS Model Importer for Blender don’t import the textures :disappointed_relieved:

I need to exclude the (ugly) water coming from my 3D-scenery. As far as I know/understand polygon acts on MSFS elements. Am I wrong?


I have raised down 2 meters my scenery (to avoid the flikering issues), then, by terraform poligon, I have raised down 3 meters the MSFS scenery (selecting everithing except the water, annoying job!!!) to show my scenery (everything except the water). The drawback (besides the annoying hand made work in selecting all but water, as well as the non powerful capabilities of the SDK tool) is that my scenery is 2 meters lower than the surrounding MSFS world (impossible to see while flying).