Water does not look good at all anymore since last uptdates

So I guess this is a main problem but in my opinion it doesn’t get enough attention. The water looked the best when the sim was released since then it became worse and worse. Since the last few updates you can see all these “square boxes” in the ocean or on rivers, etc… All of the waves in these “boxes” have the same movement. Even the sun reflection looks like an oil painting meanwhile. When I create a wind layer close to the ground it looks “okay” because of the higher waves. But I think this issue takes a lot of the realism especially when you just want to enjoy the scenery. Hope they will fix this issue soon, miss the water from the release Version…

Specs: RTX 2080
I7 8700k

Settings: almost everything on ultra, some on high

Maybe somebody knows a solution or has some Information about when they’ll fix this


YES! Tropical waters & coral reefs never looks like in the promos :mask:

Thats not what I mean. The water masks look nice in some regions. I mean the way the waves behave. They make the same movement in a “square pattern”. They don’t move randomnly. Its like you made a video of a water surface and copied and pasted it. I am on my phone, I dont have a screenshot now…

I concur. I actually noticed today. Put some wind in to stir up the water and I get square tiles of water. Very reminiscent of early issues they had with water. Clearwater FL coastal waters.

I agree, I’m also seeing the squares in the water, never had that before the last update.

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I believe that’s sim update 5 related performance improvement change?

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patterned waves are real. Waves are not as random as you think. I see it all the time while I fly my drones over water.

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I see the squares in the water, and it has a weird morphing, swirly quality to it. Absolutely awful. You should make this a thread we can vote on.

Downloading the latest graphics card driver made it look a little bit better but those identical repeating patterns still exist
@Buddywoof3669 I know that I’m also flying a drone especially above the ocean but the way it looks like in the sim is just not natural. Like a chess board and in each square the same repeating wave movements

Will Drop a screenshot tmrw

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve seen chessboard patterned waves before when two waves cross each other at 90 degrees that repeated itself over a large area. Perhaps you’re talking about a different thing given drivers fixed it…

Chessboard patterned waves

Mine looks great on a 4K 40" monitor. Not seeing what people are talking about here.

You can slightly see there what I mean.

settings on 2K and as I said almost everything on ultra


Here you can see it better
(The curved stripes are because I made the pic with my phone, but you can clearly see the water issue)

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Have you set water to the highest settings?
I get this pattern only on lower settings.

Yes, water on high. On low res it looks even better for me :b
As I said when I put the wind above 8 knots it looks better but not as good as in the release version

Also it seems like the water looks better in some regions. And I recognized that this pattern is responsible for the pixelated cloud reflection and I saw that asobo is under investigation in this point. Hope next Update will fix this.