Water masks from world discovery videos not in the sim

Hey Microsoft, what gives?

Site world discovery video Moorea:

Ingame Moorea:


It seems that they scammed us

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I wouldn’t say that. Maybe we’ll get water masking in first world update.

I would like some answer from Asobo tho…

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Seems like you’re playing with some potato…
What’s wrong with your water anyways? Looks stupid :thinking: :thinking:

Ok… didn’t want to do this but…
i9 9900k 5.0ghz
gtx 1080ti
32gb 3200mhz

Not flexing, just stating…

But still…
My water everywhere looks like it is in upper picture.
Seems like you have low settings for graphics?

sim is running on ultra settings

Ok. Obviously you have better computer than I do… I can’t have all ultras, but still my game looks more like that in the upper picture… Makes me wonder… Something must be wrong with settings then…

could you fly over Moorea and post a screenshot of the watermasking around the island? Do you see the coral reefs?

This is my view.
I try to look for corals…

Ummmmm… no… you’re right…

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Watermasking must be handmade by the Devs.
The AI can’t do it alone.
They are continuously working on it.


I have same card but lesser processor/memory… my water looks absolutely fantastic compared to the poo in the picture.

Maybe slow internet / internet issue? Have you tried downloading it to your local cache in high quality and checked how that looks?

Just wanted to reiterate that I don’t have problems with my graphics nor water looking bad. It was just a quick picture taken from a not so great angle to show the missing large water masking (no coral reefs). My sim looks magnificent, but I don’t like Microsoft showing of visuals that aren’t even in the sim (hopefully) yet.

Hi @HomeopathTrain6 I think there are a couple of reasons why you might not be seeing shallow water.

  1. The satelite image has been refreshed from Bing Maps and the updated image was taken at high tide therefore making shallow water less visible.
  2. Areas which do have shallow water need to be hand masked so this is visible beyond a couple of meters from the coastline.

Bascially if shallow water isn’t showing then we’ll need Asobo’s support to enable it again which might or might not be a quick fix.

I would raise this as a Zendesk ticket like we do for trees and they can resolve these on a case by case basis.

UPDATE: I’ve had a look on Bing Maps and it looks like the same satelite image used in the Discovery series videos is still present in Bing. I would therefore raise this as a Zendesk ticket, it should be something Asobo can fix for the next patch.


it’s strange this was implemented in the sim for commercial vids but not really in the sim