Water masks

Watermasks too sharp.

Extending mask to 50-100 meters and increasing water transparency down to 30 meters would
reveil the underwater landscape as known from real life. This refers to all areas of the world, and
would highly improve the southern florida, caribbean and other geographical areas where wide sandbanks are mandatory part of the landscape.

# Request #52484 Water transparency

water masks are currently very sharp.

Flying along Miami Beach for example would not show the wide sand banks underknief the water surface,
while in real life it would stretch three times the dimension of the beach sand above water itself.
Same in the bay. Waters are not very deep there in real life, and as seen from the air the whole area should show
as some slicky greenish sand bank area, fillled with beatiful sparkling waters.

As a consequence of current method, the FS world does not reflect the underwater landscapes which are a considerable part
of the carribbean sceneries (indluding south florida and the keys, and the bahamas and australia).

Bing Maps as well as other providers do have underwater imagery available, as seen from above the surface.

The main cause for this inaccuracy for FS is the water masks and transparency levels you chose when designing the world initially.

Masks should go further away from land boarders (use 300 meters), and altitude transparency (below zero alt) should be drawn deeper (use 30 meters).
This mix creates the right look for all areas on the world.

I consider this as a highly appreciated feature adding to the FS world experience and i hope this will be
corrected in the near future.

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