Water planes still uncontrolable after water landing

This is unexcusable from MSFS. …! WATER The water rudders are no use at all. They should not blow their trumpet about !WATER until the blooming water rudders work!


I am also having trouble with water rudder.


Rudder trouble with Xbox x.


Still an issue after the latest update (admittedly it was a world update rather than a sim update). This is basic stuff though. The weathervane effect is far too strong (for tail draggers too). It is as if the airplane has no inertia or mass when it comes to interaction with wind.


I agree. I do a lot of float plane flyingin Alaska and BC. Flying a float plane with real life weather is nearly impossible.Landing is difficult, taxiing to the docks nearly impossible. Water rudder steering is much better implemented in FSX and P3D.



Same problem with all aircraft, water rudder seems to have no effect at all. The only turning that I get on water is when there’s enough prop wash to bring in the main rudder yaw effect. If there’s any wind at all, forget about it … but even with no wind, it takes an extremely large radius to turn and water rudder up or down does not change the radius.


“much better implemented” would be great. That would mean that MSFS had at least some sort of rudimentary water rudder steering. But it doesn’t have water rudder steering at all!

Any water steering in MSFS is exclusively done with the regular “air rudder” and maybe some prop wash simulation flowing over that rudder. That’s it.


Just found this under another thread, @GBTAW has a great bandaid/fix that helps the x cub and the g1000 on floats… Apparently it helps with on land turning as well (although it’s blasphemous to have the floats on a runway imo), anyway here’s a link to the fix Is it normal that the Cub Crafter X Cub - Floats can't steer on ground? - #39 by GBTAW


Thank you. A good tip ! I will edit the file and test it straight away .

THANKS! The water rudders works much better now and taxying to the pontoon will be a joy once again.

Taxying is fine now but the wind seems to make it impossible to maneuver. With ‘clear skies’ all is good but with a slight breeze it is making taxying impossible again…

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This last sim update improved the handling, but it’s stil uncontrolable.
Now the wather ruder does have a effect on handling on water but you can’t still turn propertly in 7-8kt winds. The plane just pivot and it doesnt change direction of movement even with full power.

I would mark this as… “improved but not fixed yet”

It’s very much improved with the Husky. It can do a full 360° turn with only a little bit of power applied in 20 knot winds! That was impossible before.

Gotta try some othere aircraft to be sure.

EDIT: okay, different story with the Cessna 172. I can’t even make a 360° in a 10 knot wind (aka “a gentle breeze”). It still hits the wall where it simply wouldn’t turn any further, even with full power applied.

So yeah … back to the drawing board on that one. :wink:

EDIT 2: the Icon A5 is doing fine now too. 360° possible at 20 knots of wind. The Savage Shock Ultra can do a 360° turn at 20 knots as well, but only at full power. Same with the XCub.

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Yes, this fix seems to be in the right way, but it still needs some tunning.

" * Improved water rudder and water handling at low speeds. Plane now turns into the wind" Absolute nonsense ! Water handling has got a lot worse…wont’ turn into the wind and NOW you can’t slow down to save your life. What the heck is going on ?

Water handling stills seems pretty rough after SU6, and landing on water in the freeware Grumman Goose is really bad, which is a shame, as it’s otherwise a very fun plane. For some reason it both looks and feels like the Goose is scraping hard against something just under the water that skids the plane to a halt, and it’s just about impossible to turn the plane once you’ve come to a stop. Basically, your only option is to give it full throttle and take off in whichever direction you’re pointing. There’s no maneuvering in a small body of water whatsoever, and you have to hope that you have a LOT of open water in front of you.

Strangely, when you lower the Goose’s landing gear in the water, it hits whatever is under the water and actually lifts the Goose a bit out of the water as it extends downward. Maybe that’s an avenue of investigation for Asobo?



Can you really imagine Aerosoft releasing the twin otter with water handling this terrible?

Let’s be serious: what MSFS needs is what the A2A Piper Cub could do, but across all float and amphibian aircraft: the ability to moor the aircraft at a dock, oars to maneuver the aircraft into position without the engine(even sideways and backwards) … and of course proper water physics with getting on the step, flap position affecting how the aircraft gets pushed/sailed by the wind and the intensity of the waves affecting how much the aircraft bops and rolls in the water.

Hell, make it a payware addon if you have to, but do it! :wink:


With this last tune… hmm… I think it isn’t uncontrolable now. The water ruder actually does something, sometimes I think it’s too hard to turn against a 5kt wind, but you can turn (witch we could not do when this topic was opened)

I want to hear the opinion of other users. For me, the bug is solved but pending on some “fine tunning”, something like Asobo getting in contact with a group of pilots that really know how the plane feels in the water depending on the wind, how planes turn, how the propwash affect on the control surfaces vs the control provided by the water ruder… things like that.

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The water handling has improved but is still far from realistic. I hope someone at Asobo is still interested to improve it.

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