Water reflections

Has anyone experienced flying over water during a waning crescent moon only to have a full moon reflection coming from the water?


No, I had the plane and moon and everything!

Well if you hadn’t have put a screenshot - I wouldn’t have believed it! :joy:

UPDATE: Oh it’s your first post, well then you get a life haha. I’ll have a look but I suspect you are correct the reflected image is just another rendered scene in lower detail so they might well have just used a full moon.

UPDATE 2: Full moon in reflections on plane and water.


Amazing shot.

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Yes I also am getting full moon reflections on water with a Waxing Crescent moon phase in the sky.

Yes it’s heavily over done and needs tweaking for sure:

Late to the party as I’ve just noticed this. Found this thread where a vote on this is hosted: Moon Reflections Are Always Full