Water rudders?

Do we know when this fundamental requirement for taxying an amphibian will be implemented ? It makes taxying on water impossible, frustrating and highly unrealistic !

You mean like in the Icon A5?

I don’t use the Icon so I don’t know. Does it work in the icon ? Will try. I am referring to the Bird Dog Amphibian and the Craft Cub amphibian mod.

Both of those seem to be mods? It’d be up to the authors. AFAIK it works fine in the Icon.

Yes it does work fine.

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I just checked and there is no difference in the Icon whether you use Water Rudders or not.

So are you seeing the water rudder turn when you move your controller? It does on mine and it turns the aircraft slowly but surely.

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Yes, I am seeing the water rudder move on the Icon. It also moves quite well on water for taxying. I just checked again and there is no difference with or without rudder. The water rudders also have no effect in the Bird Dog (Payware) and the Cub amphibian mod. The Icon turns on it’s own axis when the engine is at idle. This is useful and is not implemented in the other amphibians. This happens with or without the water rudder being deployed.

I must confess I have not tested turn performance with or without the water rudder lowered.

So you you believe it is cosmetic at the moment?

Yes, I do. The Icon deals with the problem very effectively. I think I remember it being said that the water rudders would be implemented in the future but I don’t recall where. I am just wondering what the ‘official’ stance is on this. In FSX if you use the water rudders without due caution you will flip the aircraft over.

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I recently downloaded the Cessna 172 from flightsim.to and was disappointed to see no water rudder support in the cockpit. Also, no gear support for the floats. Anyway, I bound a yoke button to the Water Rudder toggle option and the rudder works, you just need to look externally if you get unsure which way it’s toggled. Looking forward to the first decent amphibian aircraft.

I use ctrl/W to raise or lower the water rudder which works when you look externally. The water rudders make NO difference though. (that’s why you have to look outside to check)