Water surface looks "static"

Hey guys don’t know if such a topic still exists. But I think since the last few updates the water looks even more like trash. The waves (especially without wind) look “boxed”, no randomness within the waves at all (same wave movement in “square-boxes”). Even the sun reflection looks like an oil-painting. Am I the only one who gets “annoeyed” with this Problem? Saw some Youtube footage where the water looked as bad as it does in my sim, even in 4k.
In my opinion the water looked the best when the sim was released. Since then it got worse and worse…
Is there a way to fix this issue?

Specs: 32GB RAM
RTX 2080
I7 8700k

Settings almost everything on ultra some on high


I had to set the surface winds quite a bit which helped. Not sure if Live weather shows them even when winds are suppose to be strong. Oceans are what always bugged me with reflections off Catalina Island

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