Water Transparancy?

in the beta videos, you could see beautiful underwater scenes and coral reefs, especially around the Bahamas and Florida Keys.

Go there now in the release game and there’s nothing. just opaque water all the way up to the shore with no color variation or transparency.

am i missing something here? maybe a setting?


I can see bridges and docks under water… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve noticed this too, very strange and worrying.

This was already addressed by MSFS and Asobo last week. These watermasks have to be manually created and are being done so, but it takes time. Several in the Caribbean and Indonesia have, but more to come.


good to know, thanks. can you link to the article that discusses it?

It was discussed here (at around 28:44): https://youtu.be/gAZsSca-lOM

And here you can find some places that already have these watermasks: Water Masking.. It's just so Beautiful!

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Load up MBAC, fly north along the islands and report back. It’s freaking beautiful and just as advertised


Also the old seven mile bridge at Florida Keys is not in the game. I find it really odd.

can confirm, nice water masks are present in this area. looks great