Way To Turn Off Illuminated Gauges

We presently have no ability to turn off illuminated gauges. We have had this feature for many releases of Flight Simulator. With MSFS, it is not yet able to be done. The cause is that the illumination map is in the Materials for the 2D gauges. A setting in Max made it possible for the sim to turn on the map texture via panel switch. The texture setting in Max is/was ‘MultiplyBlendUserControlled’. If we had this back, it was help massively.

Sad that payware that uses lots of gauges that have light maps, cannot be turned off at night. :frowning:

This would help ‘immensely’. Light maps are brilliant. They give artistic control of the instruments. Also needed for PFD and MFD gauges, engine readout screens, etc, etc. Many many needs for this.

I have tried all I know and could think of to get this to work…

Many thanks.

Bill Ortis
Lionheart Creations