WAY too much Light Bloom at night

My setup:

3 1900x1080 resolution projectors, making for a 5700 x 1080 resolution “display”

Aside from all the other anomolies, when I fly at night there is so much light bloom from things like city lights, roadway lights, airport lights, and most definitely the approach lights.

It looks cartoonish.

Anyone else experiencing this? I even tried replacing the HALO.BMP file but still the overwhelming light bloom persists.

There are a number of threads on the subject, here’s one of them in case you want to vote for this problem to be fixed:

reviving this thread.

The linked topic doesn’t address bloom anywhere. The ONLY time I’ve ever seen the sequenced flashers blink like that with such intensity in real life, is during a CATIII approach at night with the airport lights set on high. In the sim, they’re completely overwhelming.

Sry,but I dont feel the same though.
I don’t think that there is enough light bloom from city lights, roadway lights and airport apron/flood lights.Infact ,the skyscrapers in the sim doesn’t have any proper night lighting at all.In real life the illumination and bloom are way brighter than in the sim.The city and the airport lightings look much vibrant and intense from above than in the sim.
Incase, if u haven’t already seen, there are many threads already created regarding this weak night lighting.
(Regarding the terrain emitting light,thats an issue which has already been raised.)
I dont know,but maybe just tweak your display and see if its solved.

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