Waypoint keeping ignored for STAR procedure

I’m now revising the codes for the instrument procedures of my Malacca Airport addon. I found that the last second waypoint is getting skipped whatever how I code the STAR. It is the code for one of the STARs:

<Arrival name="VELU1T">
            <Leg type="IF" fixType="WAYPOINT" fixRegion="WM" fixIdent="VELTU" altitudeDescriptor="+" altitude1="5500.0F"/>
            <Leg type="TF" fixType="WAYPOINT" fixRegion="WM" fixIdent="BEMSU" flyOver="FALSE" magneticCourse="81.0" altitudeDescriptor="+" altitude1="5000.0F"/>
        <RunwayTransitionLegs number="21" designator="NONE">
          <Leg type="IF" fixType="WAYPOINT" fixRegion="WM" fixIdent="BEMSU" altitudeDescriptor="+" altitude1="5000.0F"/>
          <Leg type="TF" fixType="WAYPOINT" fixRegion="WM" fixIdent="KM507" flyOver="FALSE" magneticCourse="30.0" turnDirection="L" altitudeDescriptor="+" altitude1="3300.0F"/>

I’ve tried to put all the legs into enroute transition, or put the last leg into CommomRouteLegs, but simply no luck. Is it a bug of the sim, or the problem with my codes? The waypoint “BEMSU” is defied outside the “Airport” element, and the waypoint is showing up in flight planner correctly:

Any little help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

I can’t really help you, but I would highly recommend NOT to add any terminal procedures in 3rd party sceneries.

The reason for that is, that you must update your scenery on every AIRAC cycle (each 28 days) if necessary and no one can use the navigation data from the sim for this airportwhich will be updated monthly automatically. Your terminal procedures will be automatically used, even when they are outdated and the stock navdata are up-to-date.

Due the regular AIRAC updates there is no really need to add the terminal procedures in any scenery.

Again, it’s only a hint to this topic.


PS: just a tip - don’t trust the WorldMap - use any aircraft which use their own flightmanagement (like FBW, WT Garmins, …). The WorldMap flightmanagement is buggy without end and is not be very useful for IFR flightplanning


This airport is absent in the sim, so the associated terminal procedures and waypoints are also absent, which means I need to code the terminal procedures myself

Yes possible, but what when someone uses the Navigraph AIRAC, when someone build the same scenery and includes also terminal procedures but not all or buggy …?? Than it will be overwritten from the scenery terminal procedurers …

Here with Navigraph AIRAC 2205 installed:

I mean, all is good, when you keep your terminal procedures up to date but when not, all user has outdated procedures, even when the customer has an up2date AIRAC cycle because the 3rd party sceneries has a higher priority as the navdata and will always overwritten the standard default navdata.

Therefore my recommendation NOT to include any data but of course, it´s up to you - I only want to be inform you here. Nothing else. Good luck with your scenery.