We need a "collective" in FS2020 for helicopter use

Right now the collective is “connected” to the throttle which is NOT the way a real helicopter works. I learned to fly an Bell 47 helicopter and not having a separate collective and throttle is not good for a realistic flight. I am currently flying the Airbus H-145 in FS2020. Any idea of when this will be implemented (I assume when we get helicopters in FS2020 some time later this year). It sure would be nice to get it sooner. FWIW


It has been mentioned that it is listed as a to do. The problem being the amount of surfaces to record dynamic air flow over. They said they want to treat propellers like wings for a more realistic approach. It was in the November broadcast I think.

If you have physical controls for collective and throttle (mapped appropriately in MSFS) the Bell 47 supports the use of them as in the actual Bell 47. A “governor” was added, though not in the real aircraft to facilitate use by people without separate controls.



The simplest way around this sim limitation if to create a profile for your controller that you specifically use for flying helicopters. It is a little ambiguous that the hardware axis is assigned as a ‘throttle’, as long as you have the appropriate hardware axis assigned appropriately it will work as needed.
I have a profile for my Virpil collective and both the twist-grip throttle and collective work perfectly. :+1:

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I have VIRPIL Base Plus and HAWK-60 Grip.

I have just configured everything correctly in VIRPIL software BUT, it doesn’t operate in the (say) H-145 helicopter in FS2020, as a true collective operates in real life.
The ‘twist-grip’ for the engine and the collective to alter the pitch of the blades for lift.
I will stand corrected if you can tell me of a work-around fix, including your Options>Controls>Settings in FS2020.

You will need to edit the controller profile for the Virpil collective within MSFS. Unfortunately, I am not at my PC right now to see axis I have the Virpil collective and throttle set to.
As a bit of a guess the twist grip is probably set as propeller pitch and the collective itself as throttle - I actually said that in my previous post above…