We need a Marketplace specific thread

As the title says, we need a Marketplace specific thread for people to raise issues requiring customer support (and some self help solving of any issues).

I am not aware of any formal means of getting customer support from the marketplace.


I will talk to the community team about this and get back to you, but I suspect you would raise support issues with the developers directly.

I will get back to you soon, may take a few days.

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Thanks Nyx,

I’m sure you’ll agree that problems with the marketplace, download issues, payment issues etc need to be managed by the marketplace customer support.

However, at the moment, ORBX is unfairly put in the position of fielding Marketplace enquiries because the customer sees no other formal avenue to resolve a problem and ORBX has no control over the situation.

There needs to be more formal interaction with the marketplace. For instance, the only way that we know about the marketplace Sept 1 delays is because ORBX kindly posted the information on their support site.

Perhaps I can be corrected :grin:



My advice for anyone who needs support is this:

  • If you have a billing or activation issue reach out to Microsoft Flight Simulator support on Zendesk.

  • If you are having technical issues then reach out to the people who developed the content. In the case of official packages such as the Premium Delux content pack that would be Microsoft, but in other cases, it might be groups like OrbX, Quality Wings, PMDG etc.

I will look to get further clarification on this issue tomorrow/Friday and let you know.

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I do not have an issue with ORBX or the divelopers but rather with how miserably MSFS handles this marketplace issue.
I have purchased several products through the marketplace but cannot reinstall them or even find my purchases listed…
Please HELP!!!

As stated above, you should reach out to Microsoft support about activation and installation issues.

At this time, if there are any issues with the Marketplace, I would do as above and open support through Zendesk or Orbx. These are community threads and if we opened up a Marketplace category many users would flock here for assistance when it is not the right avenue to go. Hope you understand! Thanks.

@Tortuga1947 have you already reached out via these methods, and if so have you received respones?

I thought that was the desired outcome so that users could solve their own problems through discussion from other users, and to reduce the load on the help desk.

Good afternoon all,

I hope I’m asking in the right place, and if not i apologise. Forums aren’t my forte.

My brother owns this sim and is adoring it - his birthday is approaching and i thought getting him money for the in game marketplace might be a good one since he’s gonna want to build it up.

The game is on steam - if i were to get him steam credit, could that then be used in the in game market? I’ve read conflicting things and thought i was best at this point just asking.

Appreciate any help!

Actually I got a hint from Okulewa hier:

As he pointed out there was a misunderstanding on my side, as I assumed that there was a real partnership between ORBX and MSFS, but those are two different shops! MSFS get a commission as it seems…

So that solved my problem as I had bought through ORBX central directly from ORBX and all my products are present in the comminity folder as they should be.

However, after another reinstallation - which was MUCH faster this timne round! - I still get the odd error that I lost my internet connection (which is NOT true…) and and I have the impression that the whole simulation runs somewhat slower than in the first installation.

So I keep my fingers crossed and I am waiting (like all M4 costumers have all their lives) for the next update to solve all problems, haha.

Good success!

P.S. Seems you have to click on the BLUE link to read the reply i am referring to

The DLC marketplace for MSFS is in game and independent of Steam, so a Steam gift card would not be of use.

Thank you Nyx1819. Would then I be able to get a Windows Store gift card or is there simply no way of gifting the DLC/MODS or getting money pre loaded onto the in game matketplace?

Shame if there is no way. I’m sure I wont be the only person to want to gift this.

I don’t know, but I will ask around.

Just a quick follow up. There isn’t a way to gift someone a DLC or store credits.

Apparently, the Marketplace update will not happen before 10th Sept at the earliest (according to Orbx). This will be three weeks since the London Landmarks update was available for Orbx direct customers, but still NOT available in fs2020 marketplace.

It is extremely bad customer service not only with the delay, but also that the only route we find out what is happening is not from MS directly, but second hand from third party developers (who are themselves suffering because of this problem).

I would support a Marketplace thread, if only to make it clear to MS how bad their service is. They are losing customers themselves, and are unjustly damaging the reputation of Orbx. I for one will not buy from the marketplace again.

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Looks like we almost have a marketplace thread by default.

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I couldn’t agree more, yesterday i had a thread discussion with Nick over at Orbx and it turned out even he hadn’t been informed by Microsoft when the issue with Market Place would be addressed, although as you say he has now had an update and mentions the 10th Sept.
As for contacting Microsoft direct, I raised a ticket myself and as yet have had no reply.

Poor service Microsoft…

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How can I purchase via marketplace? If I click on “buy” it says, Purchase failed.

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Hi @SilverCase8032, I would start with the steps in this link: Marketplace automatic failed purchase issue

Got it. I really had to start MSFS via Xbox beta application. Weird

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