We need a way to reduce display refresh rate in the Aerosoft CRJ

Like many others, i noticed that the display refresh rate on the CRJ is quite high. Thats nice, but if you struggle with CPU bottleneck like myself, then this is not ideal.

I have my display refresh rate set to low, although it is clear that the displays in the CRJ are not affected by this at all.

Being able to change the refresh rate has a massive difference for me. On the FBW A320 setting refresh rate from HIGH to LOW had a 15-20 FPS difference!

I will gladly trade some instrument smoothness for a flyable framerate in the gorgeous CRJ!

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You’re assuming that the displays on the CRJ use the same rendering or have the same bottleneck as the stock aircraft. I’m not sure whether this is or isn’t the case.

In the settings, you can change instrument refresh rate. We need a similar way of being able to change this in the CRJ, in the MSFS settings or a separate way for the AE CRJ maybe throught the tablet. The CRJ along with all other complex aircraft tanks my CPU whitch seems to be a common theme.

So basically you dont know, you cant be sure, so why even bother commenting? Sorry, but litteraly all you did was post that you are not sure, whitch frankly helps no one. Sometimes commenting is not required. :smiley:


The point I’m trying to make is that you seem very certain that this instrument refresh rate adjustment is necessary but you don’t know that for sure, that it’d accomplish anything.

I’d leave the performance benchmarking and improvements to the developers that know the ins and outs of this stuff vastly better than we do.

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Thank you very much for this link. Its someting like this i have been looking for. It really helps with the cpu performance to disable all the FO displays. I can get a steady 30FPS framerate. This is a good temporary fix untill (maybe) there is an update that adresses some issues