We Need Aircraft

There seem to be lots of airport addons being offered for MSFS 2020. What we really need (IMHO) is aircraft because the “stock” aircraft are poorly done with INOP switches, poor avionics, and generally sub-par flight characteristics. Until we get some good aircraft addons MSFS 2020 is taking a back seat for me.


I agree. The selection of aircraft even in the deluxe pack is somewhat underwhelming. A lot of plastic crates with TV screens. Not a single complex a/c with conventional cockpit.


What did you expect?? This has been the case with every FS so far, third party developers than made study level planes, did you really expect those to be created by Asobo? Get real already…


SDK is not yet ready to create good training aircraft.


if you realised the time difference between making a airport and a full aircraft you might realise it is longer than 3 weeks ie the time the sims been released. Enjoy that long wait on your back seat


As I’ve posted on another thread — The third party stuff is coming. The SDK is still a work in progress too (aided by some highly regarded developers)

Aircraft are vastly more complex than Airports. To put it rather simply, Airports are just Textures and 3D Shapes.

Aircraft are Textures, 3D Shapes, Animations, Sounds and LOTS of code (Depending on how detailed the Autopilot, Flight Computers and other systems are)

You can bet there’s developers out there that are working extremely hard to get in on the buzz from this new Sim… but I would say that the best of them won’t be rushing a half-baked product out to market in order to make a quick buck.


I agree. Also, we still have to find out the impact of a complex aicraft on the sim performance in terms of FPS

Don’t know about him but when i pay 120€ i expect more than getting additional aircraft made by copy and paste, with nearly identical cockpits, bad flight characteristics and d ummy switches / inop. systems.


ok price it like this.

you have paid $120 and gotten 30 aircraft airports and sim aside that works out at $4 an airplane. Please show us what aircraft you could develope and sell for $4 and i will buy it for EVERY MEMBER of this discord.


I agree…MORE aircraft. But I am patiently waiting for my Warbirds.

And I am cutting the developers a little more slack than most I guess. You know…MS DID release the sim several months BEFORE they had originally planned. And as one might guess…I am sure that caught all of the developers a little off guard…think?

Like the man said…adding new aircraft which is more than a cut and past of new graphics over a previously-designed physics model, is a little more complex. For a simple example…try sitting down and writing out an accurate and detailed checklist for an aircraft…and getting it right…and then incorporating it into the sim. Can you do that in a weekend?

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apparently so. the CEO of pmdg recently said:


From what Asobo said right at the beginning about how good the sim will be it is clear that they have utterly failed in their goal. Maybe after the next 2 years or so they might be able to achieve their goal. I am not interested in a globe that resembles the real world here and there, a few clouds that kind of looks real, etc IF the things that really matters fails or are absent. This is supposed to be a flight simulator so aircraft and the forces of nature acting upon these aircraft should take preferences but it do not. Asobo cannot even produce a simple aircraft or should I say a very complex aircraft like a glider as far as real flight characteristics are concerned because at this moment they cannot simulate all the actual atmospheric conditions and natural forces acting upon aircraft. If they did then all aircraft should fly like the real thing in the simulator. So, also people saying this or that aircraft does not fly realistic is talking twang! What do they mean by realistic? Just to animate all switches and buttons does not make an aircraft model realistic. Just to be able to flip a 12v power supply switch does not mean it will keep the cooler box cold!


It takes time to research, develop, test and launch aircraft DLC. I’m not sure MS/Asobo brought 3’rd party devs into the loop early or late, but there are aircraft being created. I’m hoping for a study level A320 + manual and some fighter jets and other unique aircraft (SR-71, U2, Rutan Long-EZ, Osprey V-22, AN225) that adds different flying challenges to the sim.

That being said, i would have preferred fewer and more detailed aircraft, there are way too many Cessna aircraft and not even one helicopter or ultralight. In this regard 2020 is a downgrade from FSX.

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Totally agree. On the other side, it’s a shame that this optical highly accurate models will maybe not be used for studylevel… Hopefully, Asobo (if not doing upgrades themselves) will give 3rd parties the option to use the created models as base and offer functional upgrades… :blue_heart:

The community is already working on expanding the stock aircraft and with great results. For example:


I would actually argue the opposite, I think that Asobo should provide less aircraft. They released what… like 15 half-done planes? I would gladly trade 15 poorly implemented aircraft for 1-3 well-done ones. Give me a perfect Cessna 152 over 15 underwhelming implementations any day.

What they’ve done is referred to as the “shotgun approach.”

Don’t listen to detractors like this. It is OKAY for you to hold the company you just gave your hard-earned money to a higher standard.


Couldn’t have stated it any better. Seems like they choose quantity over quality. 10 crappy planes and 10 crappy airports for double the price is absurd.

That might be great for someone who is not a hardcore simmer but you can also see it other way around, 60€ premium are better spent on good addon aircraft. Look at ZIBO mod of the default 737NG in X-Plane (which i also prefer over any default airliner in MSFS), its free but if ZIBO would charge 80 bucks for it, i would pay it and never touch any default aircraft ever again.

Most GA aircraft cockpits look nearly identical since they all have the garmin glass cockpit, i probably wouldn’t even bother downloading them if they were for free. I am using only 5 or 6 of those.
At this state the aircraft in MSFS2020 feel like in alpha or early access state.

And regarding airports, look i don’t care, i am not cruising around an airport and looking at pretty terminals, all i care about are properly labled taxiways so i could use real charts and fly in ivao or vatsim. Thats yet another issue which comes for free with X-Plane and their updates while in MSFS it looks like i have to invest another 20€ per airport only to melt my cpu and gpu.


If “This has been the case with every FS so far”, wouldn’t you have expected them to learn the lesson and populate the release with a decent, varied, but perhaps smaller, operable fleet? I do understand that this is a game for some and they may not want a correctly functioning and flying aircraft but as has been said so many times here, it is unlikely to be the game players who keep this sim alive long term.


Yeah! And as I can evaluate, they are pretty ■■■■ good in it so far!

A32NX, for example, is every day many steps (rather leaps) forward and I’m pretty sure, from what I’ve seen so far, that they are able to achieve their goal “create a free Airbus A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator that is as close to reality as possible”.

ASOBO clearly statet before launch that it’s just the beginning and better thigs are goint to come in the future. Many of them for free, some for extra money. I have no bad feeling for the money I paid so far. Franly, I’m rather excited. And just to support my perception of this world, IRL I’m both a private pilot and a software solution architect with 20+ years experience. Maybe because of that I really appreciate ASOBO’s work and effort they take.

Bottomline, and I accent that it’s just my and only my opinion. What, I believe, for some negatively set people is hard to accept the fact that this is just the continuous process. From my many year lasting experience, it’s really diffiucult for these people to be patient, they want everything now, ideally for free and in a perfect condition, just because “the principle says that”. They don’t accept anything less. But this is not how this world work. I personally will rather be happy and eperience the best of things than permanently angry and against the world… :slight_smile:

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