We need big solutions to big problems

This is a forum here, and everyone is free to express their opinion. If you dismiss that with moaning and whining, then you are out of place.

Even the latest patch didn’t fix most of my problems. Still jerks, stuttering, cracks in the sound, here and there pauses of 1-2 seconds, mostly over the same area. AP in the TBM works according to the latest patch when starting from the parking area again not. In my Exsample LSZH. Did not we have that before? I don’t feel any improvement in performance either. VR people are very likely the only ones who are happy with the update. And nice when things go well at 10 out of 100, for me and many of my buddies it doesn’t work as it should. Pasta…

I don’t think that will change in the next few months either. But the main thing is that the hardware business has really picked up again;). This is not flamming, this is my actually Stand in MSFS.

In addition, I switched to the deluxe version with all planes from the start, and got some addons, so a lot of money has already flowed. And that for a better beta version? I will always give my opinion even if you don’t like it;)

So still MSFS runs not better with my High-End System as before the newest Patch.

And yes i use Google Translater, is still the only allowed language here.

You mean what we paid our hard earned dollars for?

Please private message me. I have some “prime” real estate I’d love to sell you. Let’s see how much you stand by your “just enjoy what youre given” statement…

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For seeing distant ground objects, I think the “realism” is not quite real. On clear days, there seems to be a lot of haze, smog, or smoke hiding distant objects. Maybe the visibility jetting around the Rockies or the Alps have clear skies but for most places CAVU is unrealistic.

As for the need for full immersion, MSFS not close. What is needed is a full motion cockpit in order to experience the full G-forces, hitting my head against the headliner when I bounce my landing or while flying in turbulence, moving sideways in my seat whenever I slip or slide during a turn, having the engine noise in GA aircraft so loud that earplugs or noise canceling headphones are needed.

ok… I thought about it. except that for ~ $100 you are getting something widely acknowledged to be a order of magnitude leap forwards in technology, is giving you the vast resources of Microsoft Bing and Azure for no ongoing fee and continues to develop. And you are saying lets compare that to a $20000 car which will NEVER develop further and keeps costing you forever. Yea , that’s right …think about it.


Only reason it’s “order of magnitude leap forwards in technology” is because Flight sim has been in the bargain bin since 2006. And the cloud tech. Thats. about. it.

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Great post! I agree with everything you said. I have put this game on the shelf for now until Asobo gets serious and fixes the huge bugs.

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Then don’t read them. Actually the OP is spot on with his assessment. You fan boys are getting on my nerves.


What big bugs? I think they fixed all of the ‘big bugs’ by now?
Can you give me an example?
Sure there are bugs left, but I’m currently oblivious to ‘big bugs’.

I mean they fixed a lot of crashes, AP issues, aircraft dynamics, incorrect fuel consumptions, …

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Fan boy…
Never understand the use of this term.
If you click the FS icon and load up a flight, and go flying then you ARE a fan. If you AREN’T a fan then you must be clicking on a different icon. Which then begs the question, if you don’t like the sim and feel the need to refer to those that do, in a derogatory manner,why are you here?

All of us here are fans of this program or we would not continue to use it and work toward solving the problems that WE CAN solve, weeding out the system problems so that the real bugs rise to the surface where they are exposed and hopefully killed off.

I will not engage in the “expectations” discussion as everyone’s are different. I will point out that NONE of the issues OP brought up are bugs. They are all functioning parts of the sim. Some function better than others but we were all told before we laid our cash on the counter that this will be a 10 year project, with continuous additional features and improvements to existing ones. Now you want the term of your agreement cut to 5 months. NOT going to happen.

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Stop your wining and enjoy christmas.

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Especially, someone who tries to defend the sim by attacking the person criticizing it.

“I am having this issue” - “It’s your own fault!”
“I think it should be fixed” - “You are completely unreasonable!”
“Right now this sucks!” - “Then go away!”
“The game should have had this feature by now” - “Quit whining”
“Here is what should be done” - “You self-indulgent idiot”

See the pattern?

Works both ways:
“This sim is great!” - “Shut up fan boy”
“I am so excited about this new feature!” - “You’re not a real simmer if you care about that”
“Here is something cool I saw today!” - “You idiot, can’t you see that is all wrong?!”

I totally get why people criticize the sim - sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. Who cares. And I totally get why some love it.

How to fix it? I think it is by embracing this mantra: “I don’t give a ■■■■ what you think”. You can agree with me, disagree with me, think I am smart or stupid or helpful or ignorant, say that my favorite thing is stupid or my biggest gripe is great - I don’t care. Because I don’t care, I don’t get emotionally attached to it or offended by it. And we can stick to discussing the issues rather than each other.

“I don’t give a ■■■■ what you think”, as a form of courtesy and mutual respect, would make this forum a much better and friendlier place.


I totally disagree.

To say there has been very little progress is absolutely ridiculous. the rate of development/fixes, new features and content far exceeds any other sim of this magnitude.

I’m having a ton of fun with MSFS, sure there’s minor hiccups here and there but nothing game breaking. Most of the issues you are having are not universal by any stretch.

I think you are just impatient and looking for an outlet. with more updates and quality 3rd party content It will just keep getting better. This is the best thing to happen to flight sim in over a decade.

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Let’s keep the name calling and attacking others off the forum. You can have a healthy discussion here as long as everyone stays within the Code of Conduct or this topic will be closed.

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Oh well, I couldn’t agree more.

As with every patch, I went back to MSFS2020 and did, what I consider a very basic, test flight: IFR from one airport to another, all planed with MSFS2020 in the A32N (no add-ons, all vanilla). I take-off, climb, activate AP and I expect the AP to follow the course already entered automatically by MSFS2020’s flight planner. Well, in the middle of the flight, when a turn is coming up, the AP starts to make 360ies. I disable the AP, bring the aircraft on course again, re-enable AP. At the next waypoint, same thing again. For the fun of it, I watch for 10 minutes before I end the sim.

Under less than 60 minutes I encountered yet another basic glitch, bug or blunder, whatever you want to call it. The question is, why didn’t QA catch this?

I’m well aware that this might be the most complex flight simulator ever (I’m onboard as of Flight Simulator 4.0), but it is as well the most buggy one in basic functionality. I could totally understand if special use-cases are bugged, or things that rely on 3rd party (weather etc.), or graphics fail in certain areas of the world. But please, not such basic things, not four months after the release and many patches provided.

Until the next patch, so long and off I am…merry christmas!


Of course, there is a lot of progress in MSFS Development. May be to much in short time…
But: the quality is a problem. I think this is the reason for this topic.

For Example see here: After Today update, i get Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems not only at EDDL

It was not a good Idea to bring an update 1 day before Christmas holiday, and there are to much update cycles and too less test quality.

Better you bring only all 2 month an update, but this is good tested.

And the user should have the possibility to delay the update, for different reasons.
See here:

Please think over this. Thanks very much.

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3D clouds are cool technologically but visually it just ain’t happening.

You must be kidding. The weather elements and in particular the clouds are BY A VERY LONG SHOT the most realistic ever produced. In fact, if there is one thing real pro pilots don’t complain about, it’s the look of the clouds and in general the weather vsuals. With posts so completely off the mark, I understand why Asobo should just completely ignore some user complaints.

Thunderstorm clouds are BLACK, not very slightly grey. Another problem that’s identical to how they operated in FSX. How much porting when on here anyway?

I guess the fact you’ve never been outside of Florida may be the reason why you don’t know how a real thunderstorm and how real weather can look like. Yes, the clouds are closer to black than “very slightly grey”.

That’s not your experience, that’s your impression. And your impression is completely biased by the fact that 5 months ago, the game was completely new and technologically and visually so much more advanced than anything else out there that we/you gladly accepted the flaws. Now that we are all getting used to and spoiled by visuals that no other sim has (not even professional simulators), what your attention focuses on is the details and the simulation itself. That’s why you have the impression that the sim has degraded, but it hasn’t. Rather it has improved a LOT. Performance has improved, stability has improved, millions of details have improved.
However, I will concede that the fact Asobo makes 1 step backward for every 3 steps forward, and especially that the game sill isn’t stable, is very enraging.

In general, they often make some rather poor design decisions (the “Press a key to continue” fiasco comes to mind, among so many other things) and they still seriously lack testing.
But saying that the game is in the same state (or worse) than 5 months ago is objectively false and blatantly so.


Don’t make assumptions about me or judge me. You are basically calling me a liar. I am telling you that my performance in this sim has been gradually declining with each patch. I am also telling you that the graphical fidelity today is much less than it was at launch. I have no reason to lie to you. It is not my impression as you say. It is my experience. I have been simming since 1990. I have built a brand new rig just for MSFS2020 (with RTX 3080). I have no other software or bloatware installed. I have no mods or addons (just livaries). I know what I am talking about. Don’t underplay other’s experience in this sim.

The fact is that with each patch things are getting worse for ME. Even the bug fixes create new bugs. There is very little QA/QC with the patching process. It needs to change.

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