We should have been warned

I would have been fine with using this sim in an early Beta state like it is now, but they should have told us about it. I have done this with X-plane before and it was ok because i did know i bought a beta product. So my around the world tour has been postponed indefinitely until they have fixed many of the major bugs.


Have you reported the Major Bugs? Could you enlighten us what your problems are, maybe someone can help?

Yes i have reported some of the bugs and others have reported many of the other bugs. It’s not a user error like you suggest it is. You know this is a Beta product or else you are new to flight sims.

hehehe, and you must be new to new software releases if you didn’t expect issues on release of a new product.
For a beta it is working extremely well for most people. Well, all the ones I know of anyway, we are just getting out and flying around all over the world. The bugs are so far very minor (except the install bug, that was painful). When I say minor I mean minor in dev terms, some people think an almost unnoticeable graphics glitch is a game breaker.

The only issue I have really is some missing functionality but I know it is coming so that’s OK. I’d prefer to play with what I have now than have to wait another 3-6 months.

Because people was not warned it is going to hurt their reputations and sale because it is not acceptable to release this as an out of beta product. Everything has bugs and flaws but this is over the limits.

Youre very delusional if you think the bugs are ‘very minor’. This is probably your first every flight sim isnt it?


I have had almost all flight sims that have been released since the 80’s and i have bought beta products like X-Plane, but at least i did know it was a beta version and even then it did not have a fraction of the bugs this have.

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I’m suprised you didn’t list a single bug or issue. Why is that? Throwing out generalities isn’t helpful. What’s your point exactly? To complain or be helpful?

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This is not the place on the forum where you report bugs. This is a feedback section.

I wouldn’t exactly call your posts feedback. You clearly mention “bugs” and are lecturing MS on what they should have done based upon your opinions.

Not my fault they did this, people are very angry about this. Well i am not angry just disappointed. Thats it i’m finished with this thread and sim for a while. Back to DCS.

Bye bye now, okay then.

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People? You speak for yourself only. No need to appeal to the ether to make a point.

How many times do you actually need to vent your unhappiness here exactly?

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Now I know your pulling our legs. I was not only flying flights sims since Sublogic 1.0 I was and am a programmer and started. I only have 140 hours as PIC in an aircraft, but that is more than many here.

But this argument is pointless. If these super nasty and numerous bugs are being kept secret from the forums then I may be wrong. Maybe what some of you mean is the “there are a lot of people experiencing problems” and not “there are a lot of bugs”. Or your definition of “a lot” is really small compared to any other major software release.

Anyway, as I say pointless argument so I’ll go back to flying and those that find it so horrible can do, whatever.

PS: Good move changing the “I have been into this before you where born boi.”. I would have asked what flight sim you played on computer made on the ENIAC.