Weather always the same

Why am I always getting the same weather using live weather? The cloud cover is always the same and the baro is always 29.92. Are the servers wherever the weather is retrieved from not working anymore or is the weather engine in the sim just bonked now?


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Live Weather may not be working for you despite it showing it enabled. One quick test is to cycle Data Off/On. Then cycle Live Weather Off/On. For good measure, restart the sim after those steps. Then check again. And then make sure it shows Live Weather in the upper right before pressing Fly Now.

That’s no help. World may end tomorrow despite everything seeming OK. Really? And did all the other stuff but still not working.

No issue on my side with Live Weather, here at CYWG:

Do you have it activated if you open the weather window ?
Also, if in Dev mode, exit it.

Sorry, but “live weather” is no where near close to working and it’s been like that for a very long time… Especially when it comes to thunderstorms (which in my opinion is such a crucial aspect of the game and it’s non-existent)… For instance, the midwestern USA has been in the midst of a massive severe weather outbreak over the last few weeks and I’ve seen literally zero real thunderstorms in MSFS. Also, take a look at these screenshots of the current weather. A massive line of storms headed for Milwaukee, WI right now as you can see on radar, but this is what live weather shows lol…

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 8.33.37 PM

This is a different issue than reported by OP. Below the existing bug report for what you are describing, you can participate there:

Hi @udubp13 ,

I’ve flown many times with Live weather enabled & encountered thunderstorms. However, all of those flights were outside of the United States. I’d speculate that it is not the game code at fault pe se, but a problem with the US weather data. Either the data does not include thunderstorm activity at all, or if it does, it is not being injected into the game’s weather subsystem correctly. But you are quite right that the lack of thunderstorms in the US has, as you point out, been the case for a long time, based on the threads I’ve read on this forum.

@LouP73 ,
I can’t explain why you are not getting any Live Weather at all. Are you finding this happening irrespective of where in world you are - i.e. if flying in Asia, Australia, South America, Europe, North America, etc. where clouds / storms are shown on the world map just results in clear skies & no winds?

I flew earlier today in the New York / New Jersey area & there was definitely a weather system being rendered by Live Weather.

I also have not seen thunderstorms in Live Weather in a long long time. In fact about 90% of the time if I start a flight in KDEN or fly to it I get nothing but clear skies. Even though it’s supposed to be snowing or stormy. If I switch over to REX weather then I get the proper weather. I also get lightning and thunder in REX. But REX has its own issues. To me MS Live Weather just isn’t being implemented properly into the sim. I do not fly in Europe so I can’t compare.

At KDEN using live weather, METAR Reports:

Accuweather reports:

and MSFS shows:

I’ve adjusted the time back by ~2 hours so one can see the clouds, as it is nightime at KDEN right now.

Glad it works for you. For me it’s hit and miss. Usually a miss. Also your pics don’t show is you’re using Live Weather or not. It could be a preset for all I know.