Weather Bug hasn't been fixed yet

No amount of delays can have them make this simple fix. I have to restart the sim after every flight.

It’s the same for me. I think I heard that the problem is that Asobo can’t reproduce this bug for some reason…

That´s really sad. However the workaround always works for me without restarting the sim. When you have set up your flight, BEFORE clicking on “Fly”, just go to the Flight Conditions window, select the preset “Clear Weather”, start the flight and then from the cockpit, select the “live weather” from the dropdown menu. As long as you do this everytime before loading a flight, you won´t have to restart the sim. At least this works for me every time since months.

Downside: I think you cannot use Live Players under Multiplayer, but have to set it to All players instead. Not sure about that to be honest as I use All Players all the time (or set it to off).

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