Weather - Clouds, Rain, Snow Inside Cockpit

I set up a flight with player defined weather for snow, since MSFS cant appear to figure out how to replicate real-world snow conditions. I set up the flight from KMAN - Nampa, ID at 11:00 local time. Real weather activated had light overcast skies with green grass textures. When in fact, it is 33 degrees F, cloudy and have had some light snow overnight.
Setup the flight for snow in the Beechcraft Baron, temp setting was -20 C, snow depth 6.8 cm. All looked fine until I started to taxi. I had snowflakes inside the cabin.

Yes, in heavy rain conditions I had rain in the cockpit in the Beechcraft Baron also. I reported it as bug.


I also submitted a big report for this.


I have submitted this error to Zendesk already longtime ago.

when flying though clouds or under and its raining , the rain drops pass through cockpit like there is no windshield , also occasionally some parts of clouds pass through as well.

Not sure which section this lives under - but I couldn’t see already flagged. It’s been irking me for a while that any windshield effects seem to render underneath an aircraft’s sun shades/visors. You’re given the impression they are actually outside of the cockpit! Hopefully my image illustrates what I mean. It’s as though the tanslucent shades have no effect on the water droplets at all. They dim the sun, so they should really dim the rain as well.

You should really talk to your mechanic and have your sunshades mounted inside the cockpit

I may as well have them removed altogether. I’ve been sitting across the water from Oban for four hours waiting for the rain to let up for a flight to Inverness. Doesn’t look like I’ll get much flying in today!

But it has given me plenty of time to contemplate the posititioning of the droplets.