Weather - Lightning from Realtime Data?

Has anyone noticed some out of place lightning strikes when using live data? I’ve seen a couple in this weather here, even though this is NOT the kind of weather that would cause lightning strikes (cumulus clouds are too small for the convective activity needed to generate a lightning strike):

On the other hand, I do notice that the weather radar IRL at exactly the same time shows actual lightning strikes and thunderstorms in the vicinity:

I feel like the lightning strikes in live weather are being connected to realtime lightning strike data…

They use Meteoblue for live weather data. If you go to the site and choose cloud types, you can see the convective formations which the sim will use. I am flying now around the same area (Nagasaki to Haneda) and a couple lighting strikes and thunderclaps on the departure but none in the cruise.

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Totally agree, weather concerning thunder storm is completely bugged !
Each time there is a cloud, it seems to come with a thunderstorm (in live weather mode).
I really hope there will be a correction for this point, it breaks the immersion as it is completely unreal to have such thunder with little clouds :crazy_face:

Live weather is currently terrible, and the lightning effect is in cartoon mode. I’ve had better luck with Unreal weather instead of Live lately. Rex may also be good…

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obviously not each time, but at certain places live weather is broken

Buckeye AZ, I hear the thunder, and the forecast might have thunderstorm, but it`s verry clear above.