Weather like pre su7 before 8 AM UK time, photos and videos provided!

Can you please show me that. I did never experience a hard transition pre su7 if i’m not manually changed my system time. Thats not possible to do after su7 though.

This thread started after su7 that shows it is much more noticable after su7. Never seen a thread like that pre su7.

But we should have on the world map in the sim where we should plan our flights. Actuallly do we need to check if the real weather matches something? Nothing matches the real weather either. It’s the METAR that should match the weather at the time it’s reported not the way around IRL because thats impossible because the real weather is fluid/dynamic and we can’t manipulate the real weather with METAR. One second later it may have changed already. That feel i want to have instead of a weather that is forced into a METAR state to match it for 30 minutes. I don’t need to check if it matches 100%. I can use Meteoblue to predict the weather and that i could do pre su7. I know it had some issues with data, but those could have been fixed instead of completely change weather system.

For example: I reported 225@3KTS to zendesk as soon as the sim were released 2020 that it didn’t matched Meteoblue. Instead of fixing the Meteoblue data they inserted METAR winds instead that made the winds behave strange as soon as we came close to the airport. The winds feels so much more natural over non METAR airports now when they also fixed Meteoblue winds. But at METAR airports we have two types of winds now. Same with that fog layer that suddenly appears from nowhere. Clouds may not be changed but they behave strange after su7.


I’m new to the topic, to which there are several threads, so please forgive me if this wasn’t discussed before - I have a Pi-Hole installation running in my network, so I am able to log and block calls to specific internet sites for network devices such as my PC. Would it help to try and sample out the METAR loading calls and what would happen if I blocked those? Has anybody tried that?

(Well, right now I can’t even start the sim, it claims it can’t verify my license because I’m offline and so does the MS Store. oO Well - a reboot solved that after my PC was up for a few days. But now apparently the SU10 is coming in. sigh Just the one moment I’m not waiting for it to arrive.)

SU7 was released on 18/11/2021. I ran a search for a few keywords with the constraint of being prior to 01/11/2021.

One thread I found was this:

I’m at work, and don’t have access to the link so I can’t say for sure what it shows right now.

Other than that one post I can’t find a single one discussing sudden shifts in weather depiction, just the usual ones about live sim weather not matching the real world etc.

I just checked the link on my phone, hoping it was a movie, but it was a static image. The image on the left showed the plane above some cloud cover with some puffy clouds at a higher altitude, and on the right was just a white space, so I’m not entirely sure what to make of that.

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Me neither. The weather was dynamic but consistent before they messed with it. Clouds moved, formed and dissipated in an organic way. If you could see a clear area in the distance you could be sure that it was still clear once you got there. Same with areas packed in clouds. Unless of course the wind slowly and visibly pushed the clouds towards or away from an area in the time it took you to get there. But no unrealistic snap of the finger weather changes.

That’s why I was so incredibly happy with the weather engine. Hard transitions were an issue that I always hated in FSX and P3D, and I was over the moon that they didn’t occur anymore in MSFS. Well, that dream ended quickly…


As soon as you show me your screenshots of clouds in SU6 that I can’t reproduced in SU10 :wink:. (Just kidding), but seriously, there has always been transitions at certain hours because it’s not possible for there to not be. Perhaps it was extended over a longer period of time back then, but there was definitely transitions. And I’m not even counting the transitions to the wrong forecast hours or to corrupted data (people who fly in Europe may not have experienced this as much due to the hours it happened)

How about this, explain to me how it’s even possible to go from the final hour of the previous forecast data to the first hour of the new forecast data (which includes live data from Meteoblue btw) without there being a transition (some sort of blending). We’re talking about suddenly jumping to new data that is suddenly 6 or even 12 hours more recent AND contains additional data (live data from Meteoblue). All that smooth flowing weather that you and I both really want only happens within the 6 or 12 hour forecast data, not between sets of forecast data. Going from the final hour of the last set of data to the first hour of the new set of data is really not much different than a sudden METAR change. The reason the weather CAN BE smooth within the forecast data is because the sim knows what the weather is supposed to be in an hour and Meteoblue generated all that data at once using their model, so it smoothly flows from hour to hour within the set of forecast data. That data doesn’t smoothly transition into the next 6 or 12 hour batch of data because that new batch of data was generated 6 or 12 hours later. If the final hour of the last batch of forecast data calls for overcast skies over Los Angeles and hour one of the new batch of forecast data calls for the clouds to actually be 5 miles away instead and it be clear skies over Los Angeles (because things can change in that time), how could MSFS smoothly transition to that? All that it can do is simultaneously fade-out the overcast skies and fade-in the clear skies, like with METAR. They can either do it quickly (more ‘accurate’ data sooner, but jarring) or they can do it slowly (less accurate, but a title less jarring). Either way, it won’t be smoothly flowing like the hours prior.

I made similar bug reports. But it was based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how the system was supposed to work, and of course everything was incredibly buggy back then… Our only data source is the Meteoblue Nowcast map which includes live data from METAR etc and their most up to date model data, while the sim has forecast data that can be 6 or 12 hours old. But your comment itself demonstrates a very important problem. Asobo didn’t properly explain how the system was SUPPOSED to work and thus people kept complaining that the weather didn’t match sources that it wasn’t supposed to match, and Asobo started making changes to try to please the people complaining. This is why it’s very frustrating to see people complaining about the clouds not matching METAR, including people who claim they don’t want METAR to be used… It makes no sense to me.

Agreed. The clouds have been consistently downgraded since release… Until SU10. This is the first update where the weather has been significantly upgraded.

If you’re in Europe or only fly during those hours, that could explain why you didn’t see all the bugs before SU7. For quite a while the forecast data was only injected properly during the hours that Europeans were awake. In America, the weather was often bugged out during the day because wrong or corrupted forecast data was being injected while Europeans were sleeping, and Asobo didn’t catch it for a long time because they only tested it during the day (in France).

True story: SU10 is the first time the clouds has ever reliably matched live conditions in Southern California during the day, at least in my tests. Before SU7, incorrect or corrupted forecast data was received for the area. Between SU7 and SU9, the clouds weren’t generated properly. Now Southern California has “proper” forecast data being injected and the cloud generation matches pretty close, with no interference from METAR. It’s to the point where even the microclimates in the mountains are pretty close to accurate. That’s very impressive to me.

The big issue may be that we get different quality in weather depending on what timezone we are usually flying in. That has been an issue since release as you mentioning and i think that those that had bad weather pre su7 has better after su7 and those that had better quality pre su7 has worse after. That why we see so many different opinions.

Agree, that many complains about METAR not matches when we do not have METAR that creates weather in the sim. That will make the weather worse. We have seen it getting worse since release. But it only getting worse for those that accepting that Meteoblue is used and notice that METAR interfare with the weather in strange ways.

I also understands that the weather needs to transition between 6hours or 12 hours data. If 6 hours data is used as it is now it needs 4 hard transitions every 24 hours compared to only 2 with 12 hours data that we had pre su7. I preffered that because i don’t need the weather to match real weather 100%. I want it to be fluid as much as possible.


Saw a beautiful rendered cloud formation today at around 22:30Z

Wanted to take a closer look at it, as it was a bit far in the distance when i spotted it. As i move closer with the drone camera, I saw the switch of the cloud go from detailed and smooth, to generic puffy clouds but still maintaining the general formation shape, prior to the switch.

Before switch

After switch

The more screenshots the better! Also interesting to me that this time the switch wasn’t at the usual time at 8AM.


Meteoblue would blend in the last hour of the previous forecast into their models like they do with the METAR data to keep it flowing smoothly. I never saw hard transitions in the clouds before SU7 and I flew a lot before that update. Something else is going on here. As evidence in this thread shows the clouds simply break down. One moment the cloud engine is able to depict a unique variety of cohesive stretched out shapes and then suddenly the best it can do is piecing them together out of generic cumulus assets for the rest of the day.


Only 76 votes for this? :person_facepalming:

This should be a top priority!.


I’m getting nice banks of weather right now, 23:07 UK time.

And at least feedback-logged !


Just for the record, just had a switch from reasonably good pre-su7 style clouds to the usual puffy cumulus rubbish clouds at EGBB - 18:25z

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Still seeing these changes around 8AM UK time (0700 UTC), notice how cloud structures become less formed and more puffy mess and the higher cloud structures in particular just disappear