Weather on the US east coast snowstorm?

I understand the real world weather won’t include snowfall. Has anyone flown in the snowstorm, and is visibility and wind close to real world conditions. Is there anyway to add the snow without changing to a weather theme?

I was just flying in New York yes wind and visibility were changed because of the weather conditions

Well, REX does do snow including accumulation, so that’s one way.


That’s what I use

Consider GA grounded.

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In before we get 10 topic/day asking where the deice buttons are on those Little prop planes

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Just flew from Boston Logan to Weymouth MA using REX live weather. It was gnarly over Logan. Nice snow accumulation and low visibility.

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I remember watching a promo video called “let it snow”. Clouds passed over Central Park and snow fell from them and accumulated. I have yet to see the sim do this. if you set it to “snow” pre-set it is overcast and snow is already on the ground - everywhere. If you set it to live weather - in snow conditions there is no snow.

So HOW did they do that video???!!

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Not seeing any snow on the ground using Live Weather.

US East Server

You won’t. Seasons aren’t implemented. Two ways to see snow right now: either a preset snow or Rex WeatherForce, which does snow accumulation. I believe Unreal Weather free add-on does too, but I haven’t used it.

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I get that if its not snowing there would be no snow on the ground…but its inexcusable to me that if its snowing per the forecast that its not snowing in the sim. There simply is no reason if they can have rain for Live Weather (poor name for what we have now) that snow is not happening. The snowstorm back east has been well predicted and is currently happening. I was not surprised but still unreal.


not really anything to do with seasons. If the weather conditions occur to produce snow the weather engine should be producing it. Seasons, to me at least, is referring to ground and tree textures/colours. The weather engine should be unrelated to seasons. It was working ok in the promo video! About 20 seconds in - you see snow fall and accumulate.


That’s true. I haven’t seen snow with Live Weather yet though.

Snow shower are present in live weather, sadly, there is no snow accumulation. I am sure it will happen one day because the sim is able to add snow with a very quick and effective shader and Meteoblue has the data about snow accumulation during the shower and the data about the snow layer which is already on the ground, their model could even let you see the snow melting during the day…

One day we will have a real white Christmas but probably not this year.

EDIT: I just read that white Christmas could indeed be this year in the next update !!!

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I just restarted the sim…dumped myself out in Manchester, Mass and did see a few flakes flying. Certainly did not have any snow flying into Boston a half hour earlier…must be another bug from just flying in. I think it was probably due the fact that it was raining a bit earlier during the descent…again not surprised but I really hope Asobo gets this addressed before the end of winter. From what I read of the other weather engines they dont seem the perfect solution either.

What was the temp? I was using Rex in Boston a couple of hours ago and it was categorized as “moderate snow” and I was getting plenty of snow in the air as well as ground accumulation. To me, Rex right now does the best job because it allows for snow accumulation on ground.

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Have a look at the top of the forum about the 2m users announcement . It says Next weeks update will have Real Time Snow. Problem solved.

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It seems like your question is answered already, we will hopefully get snow next week.

Looks like SNOW for Christmas! - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Works perfect in FS9.

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