Weather questions

Hello, new poster here, with a couple of questions with respect to the weather.

1- Is there not an option to adjust the visibility, like in FSX ?
2- Is there a way to get a METAR (coded or decoded) from the airport we take off from (FSX provided a decoded version of the live METAR).
3- Crossing a stormy area in the clouds, should definitely creates turbulences. There is none in my case, unless I create a layer of wind which include gusts. Is it the way it is supposed to work ?
4- In rainy conditions, it rains only when you are within the clouds. If you descend below the cloud layer, the rain stops. Rise again in the cloud, it rains again. This is obviously not realistic. Anybody noticed this or ?..


nope and asobo said they dont think its realistic so presumably they aren’t going to add one

  1. No, apparently that’s not how weather works. The visibility is a result of other factors, not a cause. This weather system uses weather data and causes the visibility to change. Not the other way around.
  2. You can get a metar from external sources, and they should be about right. They can’t always be 100% correct because of dynamic system, but that’s also the case in real life.
  3. I think there should be turbulence without wind in real life but i’m no meteorologist.
  4. I have rain under the clouds if it’s raining. I think it’s possible to get rain drops on the windscreen in the clouds without it raining?

Yep … cause of a lot of frustration in the community.

Let’s hope they get their super clever weather engine to replicate visibility correctly. CAVOK and 9999 in the METAR doesn’t mean you can see to the horizon… Think I can only ever remember two occasions when I saw visibility to the actual geographic horizon!

Thanks for the responses fellas.
Yes ClayishCoast9 comment is part of why I would like to adjust the visibility. I’m CPL (light aircrafts only) and a preset visibility in a CAVOK scenario is not how it works in real life, even if MS says it is. I flew in CAVOK conditions with varying levels of visibility, from anywhere from 10km to over 100km. It’s never constant.
But ok, fine, they won’t have this option, at least I know.

Ok on the METAR, yes I can get this from outside the sim, would have been great to have it in the sim as we had if before in FSX, but not a big problem.

Yes, I would like to have turbulences in CBs (cumulonimbus) as obviously there are some, but I can only get some, and very mild ones, if I create a layer of wind. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s me missing something in the settings (but in real life, that’s not how it works).

Overall, seems to me we are more tributary of the (limited) preset weather conditions offered by MS, and can no longer customise to weather conditions as experienced where we actually fly. Basically leaving it up to the pilot would have been nice but… ok… this will have to do.

Love the sim by the way.