Weather report

Hello, I don’t know if this item was treated in some forum. I wish to know if there is any chance to see a weather report like a metar one, where I can see how is the meteorology the wind, clouds, pressure, etc.

I have visited the meteoblue web map but I found that the weather is just similar to msfs 2020, no equal.

Thanks in advance.

At this time, according the the Known Issues, live weather is still a work in progress. Experiencing the actual weather at your location, whether on the ground or in-flight, is still hit or miss.

You can check the current METAR for a given airport by simply doing a Bing search, like this, for example, “metar katl”. You will get many links that will show you the current weather for the facility you are interested in.

I use Skyvector for planning and then to see METARs, but MSFS does not do the wind speed correctly. Example; last night flying into KBTV (Burlington VT) METAR says wind 350 at 9kt. MSFS had me land on runway 15 instead of 33. Wind might be 180 degrees off of actual.

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Sartanius, thanks a lot for the information

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JasonoNovi, thanks a lot for the information.