Weather Settings need visibility slider with absolute visibilty (ex. 1 square mile)

In weather settings the only way to adjust the visibility is the aerosol density slider. This slider can only reduce the visibility somewhat even on the max setting. I would like to see a visibility slider that will adjust to a set visibility (ex. 1sm). It would be nice if the visibility could have slight variations. For example, if the user sets the visibilty to 3 sm, it would be much more realistic to have the visibility range from 2 to 4sm.

They are, but the vote is split between multiple threads. And there’s just so many other gd issues that need attention that even important stuff gets lost in the shuffle.

Because they are not pilots…they are gamers and this is just a game not a simulator.

I have merged your topic into an older similar topic with more votes. We try to only have one topic open per request in order to avoid splitting people’s votes among many topics.