Weather Settings SU12 Beta

When starting MSFS it always starts after upgrading to SU12B with “Snow” and I am not able to change this to “Clear Skies” like in SU11 it was the standard. Even that I changed the settings in CustomFlight.FLT - it allways starts with “Snow”. Any suggestions how to fix that?

Mine always starts up with Real Weather. Maybe it starts up with what ever it was set to when you exited last.

Unfortunately your tip does not help. Even with closing MSFS with “Clear Skies” the next time it opens again with “Snow”. Before the upgrade it was allways like that. I want to know how I can change the settings e.g. to define the weather the sim will start with.

Where are you selecting your weather settings from, the world map, or in-sim weather panel?

The “default” you’re presented with is typically the weather from the world map planner up in the top right. Normally whatever that is set at is the default for subsequent flights. If you’re chaning weather in flight, that will have no effect on what you see next flight.


Thank you for the tip. I usually select my waether in the sim and it always started with “clear skies”. Maybe my grandchildren changed the weather in the world-map window and I did not recognized it. Now setting the weather to “clear skies” in the world-map weather window everything is back like it has been before. Thanks again because allways starting with “snow” was annoying.