Weather stuck in the past

Remember somewhen in October they said they found an issue with live weather where some server was caching METARs resulting in old data being rendered in the sim?

This right now sounds exactly like that kind of issue. It might be the METARs again (which might be a reason not all areas are affected), maybe the meteoblue data. Remember that MSFS merges the METAR with the data from meteoblue since the former don’t provide data for higher altitude clouds but better match the conditions at the airport.

And how long @mdapol might want to discuss what they think live weather should be, it IS a bug if the weather doesn’t change at certain locations.

Also watch their talk about weather in the Q&A where they said the METAR caching issue was a reason for wrong weather in the US while most of the rest of the world was fine (similar to the issue now I guess):

They literally use current METARs to render parts of the live weather, how could anyone say it should not be a representation of the real weather conditions?