Weather system broken again, cumulus clouds only, no diversity/overcast inexistent


I feel like writing this post to say well done Asobo with the new weather system in the latest Beta .18! I don’t know if I have been lucky today but I have encountered skies that very close to reality, and finally no more cumulus clouds everywhere or on the ground! I am sure there is still a lot more to improve ( like I haven’t heard any thunder yet, or the rain being overdone) but they will get there! But we are very fast at complaining so I just wanted to show some gratitude! And I hope they will release this version soon for everyone to enjoy. Does anybody think that today the weather in SIM is finally almost there?

I didn’t think there were any weather changes made to the latest beta build. It was just meant to be CTD fixes for PC.

I agree, but I also feel like very very quickly this section of the forum has devolved into a love vs. salt fest, and it’s just adding noise to any useful signal we have here. Probably best to completely ignore the salt and the autism and focus on trying to help Asobo here.

(yes I get the irony but I’m trying to tell people NOT to throw fuel on the fire)


Well it’s maybe a changer server side? I don’t know, but for the experience today is absolutely different from yesterday, let alone 3 days ago.

This is what I am wondering, if changes are being made to the system live as it changes day to day user to user.

Yesteday flying with @Crunchmeister71 we flew side by side, same server, same settings, I had live weather and he did not.

I havne’t tried yet today but I suspect you’re right that changes are actively being made.


They had to release a beta build to fix clouds on the ground, so who knows at this point!

I know you’ve been keenly following the weather in the sim so I don’t doubt your observations.

guys do you still see pixelated and grainy clouds in the beta version ?

So far the clouds look good on my end definitely much better now than before

But the update 7 was meant to have a new weather system, maybe today is finally working more as intended? Until yesterday morning I only hot cumulus clouds everywhere, today they are all different with different layers! I am flying over South California right now and the sky was full of cirrus like clouds…well the kind of cirrus clouds that the game can do ( I know they are not exactly cirrus) with some high cumulus and some more convective too…it just looked so real and good. I never seen anything like this since SU7…so something is happening.

Seems like once you get live weather, you get it for the rest of your flight, but there’s some random chance that it won’t load in or loads minutes (or as long as an hour) after spawning. Almost as if the server has a finite list of players it’s actively sending live weather info to, and if it’s overloaded you get added to a queue. But sometimes restarting the flight (or the whole sim) works too, it’s definitely voodoo on the player’s end right now.

I’ve yet to have a restart of the flight or sim -or even a system reboot - fix the weather. I had no weather most of last week. Then it was mostly fine through the weekend. The it started not working again yesterday. My first flight of the day was fine. No weather since.

But you’re definitely right when you say that if you have live weather, it works the entire flight. I don’t remember seeing it ever cut out mid-flight. Azure voice and live traffic have cut out on me mid-flight, but never weather.

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Never seen now Canada,

Finally real clouds after all the mess of the last 3 weeks :slight_smile:

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That does look really good. Due to the unreasonably low clouds the last 3 weeks, I questions those clouds that seem to be hugging the ground, but otherwise, the clouds look fantastic and actually look genuine.


There is even some CB to the west …

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Seems like the low clouds are still an issue. This should never be hugging the ground…


Clouds are not on ground, the lowest are at 2300ft :slight_smile:

Might just be the image then. Cumulus are typically formed above 1000 ft. If that’s the case, then that’s an improvement over the ground level cumulus we’ve been having with SU7.

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Yes they are definitely above 1000ft I this case over 2000ft
This is beautiful now…


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After testing today I would say I agree with you. The weather I’ve experienced and tested today has been very plausible. Overall the depiction, including coverage, cloud layers, type and variation seems to be improved.


try to fly from Fargo to Winnipeg if you can, you will se a beautiful weather front with also the infamous alto stratus and all sorts of clouds boarding the weather front :slight_smile: