Weather - The ability to chose

Ok so there is a heated debate going on regarding the updated weather engine in sim update 7. And it appears there two sides of preferences and both sides feel they have good reason for why they prefer one way or another. Keep in mind I have no expertise in coding and don’t know all the details about what makes up the weather engine. I am relying on what others are reporting.
So far now I it seems that the weather is now making use of METAR data locally around airports to more accurately correspond to current weather conditions outside. I may be wrong, but I see a lot of compromise to the dynamics, interactivity and accuracy of the general weather simulation and model with this type of method.

In general many of us were heavily spoiled by the weather engine up to sim update 6 and are now forced upon this new way of simulation weather.

So here is my wish/suggestion/request. If possible to have the option to choose between a fully dynamic and interactive weather injection (the original meteoblue way and maintaining a fully dynamic weather simulation) with virtually created METAR, wind data and ATIS from within the sim and a more METAR-based way of injecting things so virtual pilots that prefer to rely on real world weather METAR, wind data and VATSIM ATIS can use that if they wish. Right now it appears any weather engine has problem doing both. Of course I am happily proven wrong, but if it really is near impossible please let us have the choice.


Completely agree with this. Hope enough people can vote this one up the charts.