Webcam Preview support in VR

So as I get more into this flying stuff - one thing I think would be a killer addition: webcam support.

Let me explain.

With everything being done in VR, there’s no easy way to take notes, check flight plans, review charts, etc. ATC readback, etc. Even if we had a ‘notepad’ inside the sim… accessing a keyboard is not convenient. Tho - my idea could conceivably also help in using keyboards too…

In a real plane (I’m not a pilot but one of my closest friends is, and I’ve flown right seat often with him) he has an iPad, and a knee-board which has pen/paper strapped to it. He can quickly jot things down, or pull up charts, etc.

If I could, say, aim a webcam at a spot on my desk, and just have the camera preview displayed in the sim… I could keep a notepad, or an iPad, etc. under the camera. Then if I need to write something down, or refer back to my notes (VOR frequencies, etc.) I can easily do so. Just like I would in a real plane.

I’m a G2 user so I don’t think there’s an easy way to hack this in yet (like one could do with Oculus or SteamVR plugins) but I also understand those two options are resource hogs. I think?? that FlyInside had this capability, IIRC. Would be great to just have a native option for it. :slight_smile:

If you figure this out, I want in on the fun! Between this and being able to pull in Navigraph charts, I think my life would be complete.

Well, once my bravo throttle quadrant gets here.

Nah, you know what, there will always be something else on the old wish list. But this idea just jumped towards the top!!

Or better, a simple build-in desktop window overlay system will do it. You can open any webcam or notepad/scratchpad software outside vr, and overlay the window(s) of that software into vr. Please check my topic and vote, thanks.