Website Links Do Not Work - Facepalm

Anyone else finding that the links don’t work on the website home page and result in a 404 page?

I’m using safari and chrome.

Not to sound critical but I’m saying c’mon Microsoft/Asobo, noob error. Where’s the testing?

Which website? Can you please provide more details?

Edit: I am not having any problems with this forum website.

Guess he means the official MSFS website ( and with “the links” before insulting and not just reporting he means the news section and the upper right menu.

Hi @HURCN30,
Could you point what links are broken? I see that the Aircraft Manuals are broken.

Any others?

Ok, I confirm that as well. I don’t usually visit that site. Yes, the News links are broken at

For example, the Reno Air Race under Community News, and several other links under Community News.

Also, the Development Update links do not work.

Probably the redirect service has crashed - I guess these links should redirected to other places like the forums articles and to partner websites.

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I’ve noted them and notified the Community Managers.