Weekly Flight H135 Flight on Rotor Sim Pilot Discord

Fly The Northwest-Crater Lake and Beyond. Starting where we left off on the last flight and heading inland for some mountain flying.

checking out some sites in my home state.

Start: KOTH - KLMT
Arrival: KOTH with stops along the way.
When: Tuesday August 3
Server: Western US
Aircraft: H135, Bell 47 Low and Slow
Standard liveries so we all don’t look like planes.
Skids up time: 2130 UTC (2:30 PST) Skids up T + 7min or so.


Scenery: None reqiured, but you can load this in if you like: KMFR - Rogue Valley - Medford Airport » Microsoft Flight Simulator
Info and flight plane on RotorSimPilot Discord: https://discord.gg/4a7QChGC