Weekly hot fix day

How many of you think that there should be a weekly hot fix day. These fixes would be for small issues ie the baton in the marshaler hand or missing POIs. This every Thursday fix would help it feel like the sim is moving forward. Plus we are not waiting for major updates to get Things put out.

No chance. Would be far to chaotic. We don’t want hotfixes for the sake of hotfixes.

To be honest, most issues are caused by the end user tweaking config files, add ons etc.

I have a few addons and leave everything else at default and its working fine for me. Few CTDs over the live traffic bug but other than that it’s good.

If asobo spent week in week out sending out hotfixes I feel we may miss out on the valuable updates.


I nice idea, but I am going to say no. Really for practical terms, if you consider the devs are likely working 5 days a week you leave very little time to trace the route causes of bugs, find a way to fix them or really do any kind of testing.
I would rather suspect the forums would a awash with weekly complaints of why problem X was fixed instead of Y and/or cries of it still does not work or the download failed.

I will add though perhaps focusing on some more seemingly ‘obvious’ issues that hopefully are relatively quick fixes would not be a bad idea, e.g. providing options for how and when the handle-bar menu is visible.

if you have CTDs caused by your add-ons , use this tool to prevent them .
there is no need to stop using add-ons just to solve CTD problem .

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It would be nice if we could be at a point where a hotfix was not needed at all. Now we need a hotfix to fix a hotfix. Yes there are a lot of ctds caused by third party add ons but to say that’s the only reason for them is incorrect. Empty community folder users are still having them. Let’s not hope for a weekly hotfix but eventually not need one after an update.

I really do need this.

If the term ‘hotfix’ in this suggestion is replaced with ‘update’, I like the idea to fix one thing at a time. I never liked the concept of an update with a long list of code changes. Too many inter-connected things can go wrong. One tweak at a time would make it easier to roll back, and correct, an update if needed. This isn’t to say visual updates would stop. I’m talking fixes to existing elements that need tweaking (AI lights, ATC phraseology, the missing baton as mentioned, etc) one at a time. Start crossing off items in that long honey-do list.

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Nah! good as is.

If we could fix the update procedure maybe. Right now it is a mess. Some people taking 4-5 days just to get the update. Making people do this on a weekly basis is just a nope.

Going oldschool ways would be million times better: download update.exe to your harddrive X: and execute the file from there to start the update.

Asobo is either hard at work adding new content as a priority or a big chunk of the team moved onto other projects. If they truly had separate sim teams we would have had most of these little bugs squished by now. What else could they be doing?

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Hotfix means update, means many problems and time to solve.no thanks.

Xbox series x and s need Hot fix for cockpit screens going out and Sim crasheding fixed soon

This assumes that issues like this are actually the problem itself and not a symptom of a deeper and much more complex issue.

I would like to see HotFixes. But I would prefer to see well thought out, thoroughly tested updates rather than ones that are rushed out to meet some deadline expectation.

The last 3 hotfixes/patches they’ve released have ALL caused new issues. And, that’s after spending weeks on some them! I fear weekly would cause a nuclear meltdown :slight_smile:

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100% it would be far to chaotic! we dont want hotfixes for the sake of hotfixes. to be fair, we never needed a fotfix until SU6.

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Reading some of these comments makes me wonder how much confidence the community has in Asobo. Have they built the future in air simulation? Or is the code base a convoluted mess? I remain hopeful this will all come together but it will take years. And we are a community who will help guide that effort.

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