Weird artifacts in shadows

Hello everyone!

From a couple of months I have been seeing some weird artifacts in shadows, particularly in sun reflections over terrain, specially in snow or ice. I’m attaching a pic, and TBH I can’t seem to be able to find which graphic setting is affecting this. I updated to SU10 but to no avail, problem is still there.

My setup is AMD Ryzen 3700X, PNY RTX 2060 12GB version, 32GB RAM, Asus TUF X570 Plus motherboard, MSFS installed on a dedicated SSD.

I honestly don’t know what it could be. I suspect that it’s related to antialiasing, but switching from TAA to something to something else just worsens the issue.

Any help will be gratly appreciated, all flights in dusk or dawn on mountains (which I love) are really a pain in the eyes.

Thanks a lot!

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Are you talking about the dots/stippling effect? That’s called “dithering”; it’s a technique where alternatives are switched between per-pixel to simulate having more intermediate options. For instance, simulating shades of gray by alternating black and white pixels.

Visual effects sometimes use this in computer graphics to avoid having to calculate two values for the same pixel, then combining them – instead one or the other path is chosen based on the dither pattern.

I’ve seen this for the last two years on various shading items in MSFS.

I see this too frequently inside the cockpit on surfaces and it looks so artificial in a way that is jarring.

Turning graphics settings for shadows or reflections, or whatever, up to Ultra doesn’t cure it either.

It looks very poor.

I’m surprised that dithering looks so bad. I would have to try to see it on a friend’s computer, because while I’m quite sure I didn’t see those artifacts so horrid with my previous GPU (1660 Super OC), to be honest it could perfectly be my memory failing. Anyways, bummer :frowning:

I, honestly, feel like I’ve seen it “wax and wane” from SU to SU. I know, at times, it seems very pronounced and other times not so much. Now, that is either my eye just getting used to it, or certain lighting conditions influencing it or something happening between SUs.

I’m fairly sure I noted it heavily in SU8, not so much in SU9 and now heavily in SU10.

That or I’m mental (well, I am mental…).

For me, disabling Filmgrain (0) in UserCfg.opt fixed this since SU04