Weird double vision every few frames. Reverb G2

So I just had a great fly around in the Eurofighter and looks great in VR. There is one thing that is bugging me which i evidence in the images below. It happens if you are looking at still objects side on or when you are turning the aircraft on the ground eg taxiing. This also happens in the air when you are looking below at the houses or going past large buildings.

If somebody has any idea what this is, how to get rid of it and if not whether this can be fixed with firmware and/or MSFS optimization by Asobo.

Also I am using my phone to record, 4K at 30fps so I know some of you might say it’s the camera frame rate or something but this is noticeable when the headset on on.

If this can be fixed then it’ll be AMAZING!

10700K @ 5Ghz
32GB RAM 3200MHz

I think that’s judder, turning reprojection on in oxr should sort it.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out

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