Weird FPS and GPU %

I have a 1080ti with a 17-9700k. So when I am in the cockpit I only get 15% GPU usage and 10 FPS, when I do external view my usage goes to 30% usage and 20 fps, but when I hit escape and I’m in the menus (paused flight) then the GPU ramp up to 100% giving me 60 fps. I don’t understand why the GPU is not always maxed out trying its hardest. I have went over the Nvidia graphics settings and the FS graphics settings and I don’t know what is causing these different GPU usages. Maybe its the latest USA update? I am lost.

What are your settings in game? What’s your screen resolution?

Need more information to help you.

Make sure your settings in the Nvidia control panel are set to “prefer maximum performance” for flightsimulator.exe.

ultra settings and 3440 x 1440

Your specs are not going be handle your ultra settings. Try the “high” preset and set the render slider downward until smooth. I had a 1080ti and got decent FPS in the 30s. Also, turn down the instrument refresh rate as low as you can stand it.

It’s not the graphics card. I am okay with 30fps… It is the graphics card’s weird usage percentage… when I’m in the cockpit it only has 11% usage but when I’m outside it goes up to 30% usage… for perspective… I am playing AC Valhalla right now and my GPU is at 99% usage all the time giving me 80 fps on Ultra.

Have you got your fps limited either in game with Vsync/fps limit or in your graphics card software?

I have a very similar system as you do (6700k with a Strix 1080 OC) and my GPU can practically take off when I am in the MSFS menu.

So the menu gpu usage being really high is pretty well known ( I think). You might have to frame limit/cap and turn vsync on in nvidia controller. I cap mine at 50 fps just because that’s what I used for P3D and my eyes have no issues with it. (it’s a personal preference)

Basically from what I’ve gathered from the forums is that in the menu, the game just draws max performance, i.e. max fps, possible of your system even if your monitor is limited to 60fps. So think of having 200+ fps in CSGO but your monitor is still at 60hz. Asobo unfortunately did not make it so it doesn’t draw max power/performance through its coding so we are left to cap the menu performance on our own.

As for GPU usage while flying, I have no clue why you’d have such low fps and low usage. My Strix 1080 gets up to 70% (on average) and can draw 30+ fps normally (in flight, 8k ft or above in altitude). Only exception is when I am in a traffic heavy airport like LAX, only then I dip to average 20 fps. I have my settings generally in high-ultra settings. The ones in ultra the texture settings, draw distance (manually to LOD = 3.0 in .cfg file), and render scale to 130 (so buttons doesn’t look blurry on 1080p displays).