Weird Gaming services behaviour

This one is weird so bear with me. It has to do with MS gaming services. Whenever I play Chess (MS store Free to play “Unbalance brand” online chess with adverts) to relax and exercise my brain, as soon as I’m finished and try to start MSFS, the MS store opens and tries to install gaming services. Nothing happens as it’s already installed. It does nothing. So I reboot and start MSFS and it’s perfect. No store opening. No crash. It runs perfectly. This happens every single time since SU5, and ONLY immediately after playing chess.
Being hardware savvy but not very software savvy, is there anyone here who could shed light on this most unusual anomaly? It’s become a routine to reboot after morning coffee and chess in order to fly. Otherwise it’s no go.

Win 10 pro 21H1, MSFS Store version, Premium Deluxe.
PC: Intel i910900k, Liquid cooled, Nvidia 2080ti, 32Gb 3200 DDR4, ASUS Z490 Strix. No overclock.

PS my thoughts are that, possibly, one gaming services version is used for chess and another for MSFS and only a reboot clears up a conflict induced by this chess game - which can only be played online.