Weird GPU Usage w/ Extremely Low FPS

As you can see, the GPU usage is not stable during my flight, and when it’s low (~40%), the FPS is just about 1 to 5. Somehow, it went back to normal after a while. This issue happened a lot of times and I totally have no idea why it happens. I hope I am not the only one.

Hello @PitRobin ,

I am not sure if the information you provided is sufficient.

It would not be unusual to have the GPU usage drop, if the CPU or another component is the bottleneck.

The GPU is waiting for something to do.

In splash screens, menu etc you probably see quite high GPU usage. The GPU has all the data it needs and can run wild.

In flight sometimes the GPU has to wait for scenery assets to be loaded from the cloud etc…

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The graphics card and driver probably won’t be at all.
You should examine the CPU and processes that are using the CPU heavily.
I would also investigate problems in the network / WLAN.
There are crazy causes of problems here.
Connections to the server (latency) and real-time traffic could also be an issue.

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