Weird looking smoke?

After SU5 smoke from chimneys for example in New York seems very weird to me.
It looks like big squares flying out from the chimneys when i fly by in VR.
Everyone else seeing this and know if there is any solution?
I am flying with HP Reverb G2 on RTX3080 471.41.

Do you have any mods that adds those chimneys like the We Love VFR mod. I don’t think I’ve seen any smoke like that in the base game.
I saw those white square outlines for smoke with that mod before it got updated to support SU5.

There is no smoke in this game. If there is it is rarer then hens teeth.

Thanks, you are right!
I will try without that mod.

I’ve released an update for We Love VFR Region 2 before SU5 went online. Update it and all will be fine :wink:

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