Weird Multiplayer/AI things at airports?

So I’ve noticed some odd things when it comes to ground activities.

Airport vehicles crashing and flipping over while the fire trucks just pass on by like nothing happened.

Airplanes endlessly spinning around in the parking spaces like a rudder is fully extended.

Airplanes endlessly spinning around while upside down in the parking spaces while the fire trucks just pass on by like nothing happened.

Ground personnel strolling way to close to my prop.

Airport vehicles overtaking me and ghosting through me in the taxiway.

With the airplanes, is there a real person in multi-player out there responsible? The number of times I’ve seen an airplane endlessly spinning in circles has me wondering. But I couldn’t even get my airplane to do that without me there.

Today, I watched an Asobo tailed airplane land, refuel and take off like a pro. Was the AI or an actual person?

The spinning aircraft, upside down spinning are all ai. The firetrucks ignore them, well, because there’s no fire😁.
The ground crew… I’ve seen worse irl…just kidding… or am I? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Land, refuel and take off would be human.

If you turn tags on in settings, it’ll make more sense. GA aircraft with no tag are ai. Airliners use abbreviated name or the word generic. Players use the strangest word you can think of. I saw smellyfeet6 yesterday😁

The AI has some issue then, lol. So if I turn the AI density down all the way, will I only have live and multi-player traffic?

One thing I like to do is find real traffic then look them up on Flight Aware and then do the same flight plan.

I was having a hard time hearing my tail number, so I set it to DDD99.